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Everybody Uses eBay - Even the Police. Police Sell Drug Smuggler's Microlight Plane on eBay
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Posted by: host 26/02/2013
If you've ever wondered whether to sell on eBay, knowing that the Police use eBay to sell seized goods will help you to realise that it is a legitimate way of successfully selling goods online. Just this month UK police are to sell a drug smuggler's microlight plane on ebay.... with a reserve price of £12,000! I wonder how much this will end up going for?

Drug Smugglers Microlight Plane

 Durg Smuggler's Microlight Plane for sale on ebay


The description includes the wording "The vehicles are not owned by Leicestershire Police, nor do we have any other interest in them other than to act as an agent for the owner to facilitate the sale."
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