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Work from home jobs are as varied as jobs working in an office.  What we've tried to do is to find as many real work from home jobs as possible in one place for you.  We've found dozens of real employers who are advertising work from home jobs - as well as bringing together the best of the work from home opportunities, avoiding the scams.

Work From Home Jobs: Telecommuting

Telecommuting jobs are where you have an employer, who provides you with equipment, and you work from home.  Many telecommuting jobs will be entirely work from home jobs, while others will mean you work from home but actually spend a lot of the time travelling around (e.g. a sales rep or field representative).  Some work from home jobs that are telecommuting are based some of the time in an office, with the ability to work from home for 1-2 days per week.  There is no "one size fits all" and each of these needs to be looked at to see what the deal actually is.  These work from home jobs will usually have a fixed salary, which might also have a bonus.  In the case of sales jobs, you might also find a company car is provided.

Work From Home Jobs: Self-Employed

If a work from home job is advertised as self-employed, then it's most likely to be sales based.  It might be field sales, or it might be a work from home job where you're doing telesales.  Most telesales jobs would be making outgoing sales calls, so it would be important here to find out if you are cold calling (the person receiving the call has never heard of your company before) or warm calling (usually these people are either existing or past customers, or have expressed an interest in being contacted).  As a work from home job, telesales does take a lot of motivation to keep calling as it's difficult to keep your spirits high if you're getting a lot of "No thanks" on any one day;  warm calling is therefore preferable.  But everybody's different - and it will depend on the product  you're promoting too.  I've done a lot of cold calling work from home jobs and they can work out to be well paid if you have a good product and keep your spirits high.


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Work From Home Jobs: Freelance

Freelancers are often employed in work from home jobs to undertake specific one-off tasks for a company.  Freelance work can vary and be anything from being a prorgrammer, writing a suite of computer programmes that takes six months to put together, to compiling a list of 1000 names/address from the Internet as part of a research project.  Virtual Assistants would usually work as freelancers, gathering a handful of good clients over a few months who have regular, ongoing work.  Freelancers choose how much to charge and it's up to the client to decide whether to hire them at that rate; most freelancers find that they start out charging a lower rate to get the work coming in, then they put the rates up over time until they have the right balance of clients and pay.  Don't be tempted to price yourself too low though or you might find you're working full-time and everyb ody wants you to do work for them but you're too cheap to make any real money out of it.  Price yourself fairly at first and if you lose some work because you quoted higher than others, then maybe those clients weren't good to work for in the first place!

Work From Home Jobs:  Affiliates

When you're an affiliate it is just l ike being a sales person for a company, but you are picking and choosing the products you are selling.  Mostly, affiliates will work entirely online, picking when they work.  It is possible with some products to be an affiliate and go out and sell the products almost door to door (if that's what you want to do).  Most affilaite marketers work from home by having their own website and choosing products to promote through that website. 

Some of the highest paid affiliates will not have a website at first and will literally research and find a good product to promote, then spend money advertising the product on Google Adwords, driving traffic to the other company's website, through their affiliate link.  If you're thinking of doing any affiliate marketing, just be careful you don't spend a fortune promoting a bad product... do your research well first.

Work From Home Jobs: Your Own Online Business

The Internet has allowed many people to work from home creating their own business online - and the ways you can do this are more varied than you could possibly imagine!  Some online systems require you to pay either a one off fee, or an  ongoing monthly fee.  In many cases these fees will cover the cost of software and hosting.  No business operates entirely for free and so it can be quite reasonable to be charged.  If you want to explore some of these ways without spending any money, then we have put together a Free Work at Home Systems page that brings together the best of the free systems.  On the other hand, you might appreciate the time and effort that's gone into putting together a programme that you can simply plug into and start working on.  Either way, make sure you understand exactly what it does and how it works.  If you simply sign up for things because they say you can make money, but haven't a clue how they do that ... then maybe you have a huge learning curve in front of you!

There are a lot of scams out there - but equally there are genuine programmes too.  Do your research and you can 't be fooled.

Work From Home Jobs: MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan

These three are quite often mixed up, but they all work on the same basis.  There is a product you can sell, but there is further money to be made by introducing other people to the business and getting paid a small %age of everything they sell too.  While these can be a good way to earn money working from home, it does take time to build up your business to the point where you have a reliable, residual income just coming in every month.  Many people think it can be achieved in 1-2 months and when it doesn't they stop... think in terms of 1-2 years to really get to the point where you can see good money coming in every month without fail. 

You will need to choose your product carefully.  These companies include everything from Amway, Avon, Body Shop and Betterware right the way through to  individual companies who have set up their own MLM companies. 


Work From Home Jobs are as varied as any other jobs - there really is no "one size fits all" and you'll need to start to think about what you can really do.

Maybe you already have a specialist skill - typing, accountancy, bookkeeping, telesales.  Or maybe you have more practical skills you can use - report writing, craft work, sewing, even dog walking!

Everybody has something they can do.  There are an increasing number of work from home jobs which are providing customer service roles working from home.  Companies are recruiting people who are trained to take inbound calls from their customers for example.  BT hire a lot of people in work from home roles and have done for years; there are even a lot of Triage Nurse jobs, where fully-trained nurses can choose their own hours and answer telephone calls from people who need initial advice about their symptoms so they can decide what to do next: take a painkiller, see a Doctor or get straight to the Hospital. 

Work From Home Jobs: Customer Service Roles

An increasing number of websites are recruiting people to work from home providing customer service online and answering customer queries through an online "messenger" type of  interface.  This service enables people to take the calls and answer queries 24/7 around the world in their own language - and as it's in a chat box they can be answering more than one call at a time, something that's not possible using a telephone.

Make Your Own Work From Home Jobs

Most people, however, will work from home starting their own company, selling items on ebay, creating crafts for sale, providing bookkeeping services, or being a virtual assistant. 

If At First You Don't Succeed....

If you are lucky you will find something quickly that fits you perfectly, however, it's worth remembering that (like any job) you might have to try  a handful of things before you find one that really works out well for you and fits in with your timescales and expectations.

Good luck looking for work from home jobs - I hope this website is useful for you!

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