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Bubblews - Simple Social Networking Site That Pays You to Make Friends

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Posted by: host 12/09/2013
Like Facebook, but with Bubblews you're paid to make friends on this simple, entry-level user website where you create short blog entries, find people who are just like you and read their daily updates.

This is a simple to use system, all you have to do is join, then click the SUBMIT button and create a simple blog entry about your daily life, pets, family, recipes, friends - just regular chit chat, but you're paid for doing it.

It's revolutionary and started by a chap called Arvind, who felt it unfair that sites like Facebook let you use their system, but then they keep all the advertising revenue. Bubblews shares that advertising income with its members, based on the number of views, likes and comments your posts generate. You get paid for all the activity on all your posts, forever. This can build into a good income quite quickly. e.g. within 6 months you could easily be generating $100/week, as many others have done. Certainly achieving $25/week is achievable for regular writers within their first 4-6 weeks.

No fees, no charges, nothing complex. Join: bubblews

I have personally already been paid $155 from Bubblews in the last 6 weeks - and now I'm more established that will be increasing. I am currently receiving $25 every 5-6 days!

UPDATE: It wasn't long before I was making $25 every 2 days.
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