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Website Usability Testers Wanted. 20 Minutes' Work, £8

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Posted by: host 10/04/2012

 Big companies need your feedback, to find out if their websites are usable, or confusing.  If you are an English speaker, then you have all the skills necessary to do this work at home role.  Paying £8 for your time, each website test takes about 20 minutes - and all you have to do is speak into your microphone as you go, so they can understand the thoughts of regular users as they try to find their way around. 

All you need is a broadband Internet connection and a microphone.  This is a genuine opportunity and you will not be asked for any fees or money, ever - there is nothing for you to buy or sign up for.  No tricks.

Register Here with What Users Do - it's free. It's a legit work at home opportunity.

Once registered, you'll need to perform a short task and test that your connection/microphone/English are up to scratch and then you are on their books.

Earning £8 for 20 minute tests won't be a full-time job, but it can add up to a nice little extra, that can be done at hours that you choose. This is a growth industry and it's your chance to get registered and on their books early on.

Once you've registered, you don't have to take the test immediately - so if your microphone's not handy right now, that's not a problem - simply register for now, then do the test when you're comfortable and concentrating!

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