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Market researcher jobs are actual freelance professional market research projects that companies have a need to get done.

Many of them will have ongoing and repeat market research jobs to be done too. Just check the list and keep an eye out for a market research job you think you can handle, click on the link, sign up (free of course) and bid on the work.

These are real work from home market researcher jobs.  The figures show in dollars, but £s is easily calculated, so just bid for how much you'd be prepared to do the freelance job for.

Employers offering market research jobs aren't looking for the cheapest, they are looking for somebody who can do the job reliably. That's you, right?!

This method of finding work from home is one of the fastest, most direct and dependable ways. Market research jobs can really fit into your schedule as you take on only as much work as you want and need, and no more. I've done a lot myself and I really enjoy this work from home type of work. I find it is one of the easiest to do.

How do you get paid? The company offering the job pay the agency, so your money is safe. The agency GUARANTEE TO PAY YOU. So you can bid with confidence that if you get the work you will get the pay.

New work opportunities are being added all the time!

Why not sign up now (free) and spend an hour or so applying for everything you can do! If you are serious about working from home, then you will treat this like the best ever jobs listing and spend half an hour a day scanning through for jobs

The way it generally works is: people post the jobs, people who can do the work give their bid, the freelance job advertiser then picks the person they feel can do the best job for them (NOT the cheapest usually!) ... and after you've done the first piece(s) of work they will probably just come straight to you for future work, so no more bidding! Over the next 3 months or so, you could easily fill your time working for just a handful of these companies on a regular basis. Did a job for somebody and hated it? Simply double your rate next time they ask, or tell them you're too busy!

Remember: You are guaranteed to be paid because all the freelance job listings are underwritten by the website advertising them.


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Freelance Market Research Jobs

There are a growing number of market research jobs appearing over the last few years. More and more websites want market research doing either for their databases or to produce reports and lists. This means a growth area of work from home jobs for market researchers working from home gathering data. Some of these might require data entry work too as you will need to present the information to them. Some will want a Word document, some Excel, others might provide you with a database to fit the information into.

Find data to support a business plan by J08johant

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 07:24:47 +0000

Hi all, I am writing a business plan to attract investors to manufacture a building product in Australia primarily. It is a durable 'green', ECO building product. We need: The Industry; An overview... (Budget: $10 - $700 AUD, Jobs: Business Analysis, Business Plans, Financial Research, Market Research)

Professional hair care products by parjanyu

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 06:04:10 +0000

I am Parjanyu working as senior consultant at IndustryARC a market research and consulting company from India. PF link for our company for your perusal We are currently conducting... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Market Research)

Business plan by vidushiv

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:54:29 +0000

I would like someone to help me format and create a business plan that will be presented to angel investors, as well as bank loans. (Budget: $100 - $200 USD, Jobs: Bulk Marketing, Business Plans, Legal Research, Market Research, Marketing)

Feasibilty study for Gynecology hospital in UAE by jim22gomez1984s

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 04:33:10 +0000

A new gynecology hospital 200 Bed capacity in western region Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates. The feasibility study shall consider the commercial viability of the private sector operating the hospital... (Budget: min $5000 USD, Jobs: Market Research)

Find me a Supplier by ivanwong88

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 04:25:12 +0000

Hi there, I am looking for a SMS proximity machine that is able to send SMS to anyone within a 1km-2km radius without any usage of SIM cards or recipient's phone number. It is also called a Pseudo Base Station... (Budget: RM825 - RM2475 MYR, Jobs: Internet Research, Market Research, Research, Simplified Chinese (China), Supplier Sourcing)

Need Research Analysis and Statistic for spectific sector/industry by anderslee71

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 03:17:47 +0000

Dear Freelancer, Hello. Thanks for reading this project. I would like to hire someone who can do research on specific industry and sectors. I need the numbers and analysis for that specific market. Please... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Internet Research, Market Research, Statistical Analysis, Statistics)

Conduct trade interviews by Boonling

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 02:16:15 +0000

We work with clients to assess market opportunities, competitive landscape to develop go-to-market strategies. I have a project at hand and is looking for a talent in the Philippines to • Reach out... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Business Analysis, Market Research)

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