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These days you really need to keep on top of your skills - making sure you can do your current job better, or to move into a new career. Outside of specific job or career paths there are a whole range of general skills training options which can help you in any job. Obviously being able to use a PC is increasingly essential today - especially if you want to work online, or work from home, or start your own business. Beyond that there are Word and Excel skills, website building and even internet marketing. All of these can be learnt by you. Here I hop you'll find a good collection of courses to take and benefit from. New skills boost your confidence and give you the chance to impress people who might be potential employers, or future clients of your growing business. It's also good to learn a new skill just for fun.-0-

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Free eLearning Course
Online Computer Training
These free courses include: Word, Excel, CIW Foundations 1D0-410, CompTIA A+, Windows Active Directory MCSE 70-217, Linux, Web Design and Graphics, SQL Server Database Design MCSE 70-229, European Computer Driving License, Internet Marketing, MS Office... and more
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Free Courses

Free Courses

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free courses you can sign up for. Some will be taster courses, to give you the chance to see if it's something you'll enjoy, while other free courses are full length courses. You'll find an array of differing quality among the courses - and often your perception of quality can lie in your current ability and skill level within the subject. My advice is to sign up with several and check them out. After all, if they're free, you're not losisng anything.
Free Online Marketing Course

Free Online Marketing Course

Need Help Marketing Online?
If you're wanting to start your own business, or to start a website, you'll need to know how to get people to your website and how to get them wanting what you are selling. That is what online marketing does.

Take this free online marketing course and find out:

 - how to get to the top of Google

 - how to get free traffic to your website

 - what online marketing is all about.

Online Marketing is very easy to learn - it's also a great new skill to add to your resume! -00-

Free Wordpress Course

Free Wordpress Courses

Free Wordpress Courses
Many websites are now being built with Wordpress - and many companies are wanting to start a blog alongside their website. Whether you want to build your own website, for yourself or to start a business, or to make yourself more attractive to potential future employers - or even to offer blog building as a service to local companies - these free Wordpress courses will get you on the right track.
Professional Wordpress Training

Professional Wordpress Training

If your Wordpress skills need to be honed in a fast time, perhaps you want to apply for a new job where this knowledge could seal the deal, or if you want to create a Wordpress-based website for yourself that's professional and robust, you might want to check out more professional Wordpress training.

The good news is it doesn't have to cost a fortune. One major player in the marketplace at the moment is Online Wordpress Training by OST. As used by: Apple, World Bank, Unilever, Yale University, IBM, MiT, The White House, Harvard, Cornell University and Universities across the US - this is professional-level education you can rely on.

It's also very affordable, with ongoing training and support available.  For a full siz months of unlimited support and with two new classes every month, the cost is just $99 (about £65), with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

This is professional level training and support for Wordpress.

Online WordPress Training

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