Buying an Internet Business

Buying an Internet Business

If you want to work at home, then the Internet brings some brilliant opportunities to those who want to put in a lot of work.  But some people prefer the more guaranteed success of buying an existing business.  After all, you know that's set up already.

Buying an Internet business is much quicker/easier and cheaper than buying a traditional business quite often.  You can buy an internet business from as little as a few hundred pounds, through to thousands of pounds.

Only this morning, I found an online business for sale that included 3,700 brand new books valued at £11,000 and an online book selling business that was actively selling books on ebay, Amazon, biblio and other book sales sites.  The seller was selling up as she'd had a promotion in her job and just got a new baby.  At the time the bidding price was a fraction of the value of the books alone, never mind all the hard work she'd put in setting it all up!  People sell online businesses for many reasons and you can cash in on that reason!

I've recently been offered a couple of other businesses that people just don't have the time for - quite often people will start a small business to fill in some time and it grows to such an extent that they no longer have the time for it. 

Below are the latest and hottest online businesses for sale on eBay. Why not check them out.  One might be just what you're looking for.



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Why Buying an Internet Business Makes Sense

Some people wnat to start from scratch, to work out how to create a website, to get it looking how they want.  There's a LOT of work that goes into creating an Internet Business - a lot of knowledge, decisions and sheer hard graft.  For many, this means it makes more sense to simply buy a ready made Internet business - and there are other people out there with the skills to create Internet businesses, but who have no desire at all to run a business.

Internet Businesses tend to be for sale for one of three reasons:

  1. Somebody has started, and runs, a successful internet business, but they now want to do something else, so are selling it
  2. Somebody who created their Internet business, but never moved beyond that as it was moved to the back burner, so now it's for sale
  3. Web designers and programmers create Internet businesses for resale, for people who don't want to have an Internet business created for them from scratch, along with the costs and time.

What is an Internet Business?

An Internet business is one that you run entirely online, usually working at home.  Your customers tend to deal with you onlyy through ordering on your website.  You don't have a physical shop - and you might not even need much storage space.  With an Internet business you can sell digital products, so you hold no stock and people download your product online, or you can sell physical products, so you store the stock and post it out to people.  There are ways to hold stock without it being at your home, but let's not confuse things here!

Buying an Internet Business For YOU

When you buy an Internet business, make sure it's something you're really interested in, or have knowledge of - and, most importantly, don't get carried away dreaming of fortunes, but take a step back and ask yourself whether it fits your needs - don't buy an Internet business without asking some questions about the amount of time it'd take you to get up to speed with it, without finding out the market size and potential and without understanding how many hours/week it'll take you to work. 

You can focus on one full-time Internet business, or perhaps choose more than one, to give you variety.

Free Starting an Internet Business Videos

If you're torn between starting an Internet business, or buying one, then check out these 12 videos that explain the first 12 steps to starting an online business.  You'll get 12 Video eBiz Tips and a PDF going into further detail about each of the 12 videos.  These were originally published in 2010, but they are still relevant today if you're about to start your own eBiz - and, because they are a little dated, they are free.

See the videos here: Starting an Online Business


You need to do your research and understand the work that is involved. If you end up with too little work to do, you might get bored. If you end up with too much work to do, you might become disillusioned. See what's out there, explore the possibilities, ask the questions.... then just Seize the Day!
Buying an Internet Business
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