Escape Ebay - The One Month Magnate by Tony Shepherd

Escape Ebay - The One Month Magnate by Tony Shepherd

What a breath of fresh air this book is. At only about £14 you can certainly get your money back soon if you follow the advice of Tony Shepherd.

Maybe you've tried ebay and it didn't appeal, or you don't want to even go there!

Well sit up because Tony Shepherd of Laycock Publishing thinks he's found the answer for you - with this book ‘Escape eBay’.

Tony Shepherd is one of the UK's most private Internet Marketers. As co-owner of Laycock Publishing with marketing guru Sara Brown, Tony has written several books and made his living from the Internet for a number of years.

In this exciting book, Tony claims to have found the ‘most overlooked and most profitable business imaginable’. But more than that, he doesn't mind how many people know about it because, as he says, ‘even if an extra thousand people a year started operating this business… it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to your sales’.

Tony was like the rest of you, until the day be was made redundant. Then, with just a PC and an internet connection it wasn't long before he was starting to make a lot of money.

You don't need to be a PC guru and you don't even need a website of your own to make money with Tony's method.

Tony's book shows you exactly how he made his money. He shares with you the secrets, tips & tricks he's picked up along the way and shows you how to make money with the minimum amount of effort.

Because then you'll find out how this descriptive eBook takes you step-by-step (assuming NO prior knowledge) through creating websites to generate automatic income. Tony guides you through each process of getting your site online and follows this with taking you through the many different ways of earning an income from your site.

Treat yourself to a new life today


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