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Surefire Wealth Earns 2006 Most Valuable Membership Site of the Year Award

Added: (Sun Feb 11 2007)

Minden, NV February 11, 2007 -- 2006 has seen an explosion of membership sites across the Internet. And the 2006 Internet Marketer of the Year Awards have singled out the membership site Surefire Wealth as the best of breed.

Criteria for selection for the site include:

- exceptional value in terms of products and services
- continually adding top-quality resources on a monthly basis
- encouraging ongoing discussion and feedback in a forum about the success of the products/services in the marketplace
- demonstrating how you can use the products or services in order to earn a living

Surefire Wealth provides all of this and more.

The value of the online members' library at Surefire Wealth is "literally thousands of dollars worth of products" in the words of member Patric Chan.

The site has been expanding with new materials almost daily since its launch in January, 2005.

Now with hundreds of items including ebooks, software, audio, video, web templates, multimedia, articles and business tools, the growing collection has become a priceless resource to online business owners worldwide.

Now, Surefire Wealth has been singled out as the most valuable online membership site of 2006 by the Online Research Institute, an independent research firm based in Boonton, New Jersey .

Membership is free to everyone, and downloads of every imaginable aspect for both business and personal success are then instantly accessible. Upgrades to two professional levels of membership are available, as well.



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"What online entrepreneurs have in common is a desire to achieve income and success far beyond the wage trap," says Founder of Surefire Wealth, Jeremy Gislason. "Until now, there hasn't been a comprehensive, definitive source of quality materials and resources for online and personal success. Our site fills that need."

A constantly updated collection is important, explains Gislason, because the Internet is a "moving target": search engine criteria change continually, ideas go in and out of favor at lightning speed, and users have quickly evolved in the ways they use the Internet.

"Entrepreneurs need an efficient way to keep on top of the shifting trends and technologies," says Gislason. "And as with any business, they need to combine the tried and true methods with a lot of originality in order to be profitable."

An integral part of Surefire Wealth's strategy is to provide not only new materials, but also the rights to those materials -- so members can use, keep, alter or resell the items at will. Since the issue of intellectual property rights can be daunting, the company has become expert in the proper distribution of materials, and has made it easy for members to understand as well.

Upgraded membership levels include the rights to most of the products, along with prewritten sales pages and instructions on how to re-distribute the ebooks, software, templates and more.

In addition to making business success stories for its members, the site aims to make the Internet a more interesting and less redundant place.

"We provide how-to materials and specific ways for webmasters to continually have fresh content," says Gislason. "Among the millions and millions of faces on the Internet, it really is still possible to be unique. We are setting the standard for quality in 2007."

SureFireWealth, Inc,
2248 Meridian Boulevard Suite H.
Minden, NV 89423 

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