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Start Your Own SEO White Label Business Easily

One industry that has literally been taking off in the past 2-3 years has been the business of SEO. Search Engine Marketing has had phenomenal growth - and continues to be a major employer across the country.

If you're looking for a straight forward business to start up, then you should look at an SEO White Label solution. A white label business is where you have your own company/branding, yet behind the scenes you have another company doing the work for you. You instantly get a fully professional business at your beck and call, but your name is what your customers see.


One SEO company that seem to have got it right does everything for you, so it's easy to get up and running immediately. For starters, they provide you with some affordable software (just $67), which enables you to quickly get potential new customers by either offering a Free Website Analysis, or you could even charge a small amount and make THAT your whole business. The Free Website Analysis software takes just five minutes to produce a full and professional looking report, that you can tailor with your own company name and logo - and make other alterations. The report informs people just how well their website is written and what changes they should make to help make it rank higher in Google. In just five minutes of your time you could be handing out a report to somebody that identifies EXACTLY what they need to do to get higher in Google - the benefits to them of being higher in Google is that they can then spend less on advertising, get more website traffic and make more sales ... so make more money ... if they simply do the things the report says they should.

At that point, you could walk away and leave them to it (if your business model is simply to create/sell these reports). Or, you can use the report to make an appointment with them, to go through each item - see what they think will be of most benefit to them - then sell them your services to do that work. Usually it will be building backlinks, or writing articles, or doing some social marketing. With the White Label solution, you'd know the prices you would be paying for each of these services, so all you need to do is add on your markup and ask for the business.

A professional client, sitting down with you, with the report in their hand, is most likely to have been impressed at the speed with which you produced such a professional report - and simply sign up for you to do the work they need. You then hand that over to the team and the work's done for you. All you then need to do is bill your client!

This can truly be your own part-time or full-time business, you choose.

It's not always nice being in business alone, but with an SEO White Label business model you're not alone, you're simply The Boss.

Check out Analysis Generator & White Label Business **SOLD OUT ** to get yourself started quickly using just the Website Analysis Generator, or leveraging the full power of the SEO White Label offer.

These are the guys I'm starting to work with on the SEO side of my business and they simply make it so easy it's simply not cost effective to do it myself any more! Good luck!

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