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Envelope Stuffing - Do Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs and Companies Exist?

Working from home envelope stuffing is a work at home job thousands of people are looking for every year.  Many times, however, people seeking work from home stuffing envelopes find they are asked for cash to start - then never see their cash again and certainly don't end up working from home envelope stuffing!

So where does work from home stuffing envelopes go wrong?  The simple answer is they are scams and not real work, or real jobs - indeed, the work from home stuffing envelopes and whole working from home envelope stuffing dream seems to have kicked them into the gutter, to start again. 

But you can create your own envelope stuffing job and work from home - if you put in some effort.

At certain times of the year, businesses will be thinking about sending out mailing to their customers. Christmas cards in December, a new product launch, latest price list. But how many will have time for this? If they are large and well established they might use a mailing house to do it for them - but many are small and still do all this work themselves. It is basically envelope stuffing.

This is a great way for you to earn money doing work at home, by offering this as a service to small companies locally.

Envelope Stuffing Jobs 

Simply contact every local company you can and offer to do their mailings for them.

Marketing tip: if you target that approach at a definite event you will get a better response "I will send out your customer Christmas cards for you", "I know you are launching a new product, I can mail out to your existing customers for you".

Offering mail-merge and envelope stuffing as a service is a great way to easily sky-rocket your own home typing business

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Stuffing Envelopes

Envelope Stuffing Jobs Websites

There are many envelope stuffing jobs adverts on the Internet, as well as in the window of your local shop all offering great sounding envelope stuffing jobs.  Get paid £X per 1000 envelopes.

These are not real jobs at allThey are scams. And this is how these envelope stuffing scams work:

They will ask you to send them some money (often up to £30) for the "Kit". 

You might as well kiss your money goodbye at this point ... if you want to give money away this is one of the quickest ways to do it. 

The kit you receive will most likely contain instructions telling you that you need to post an advert just like YOU responded to, when people answer your "Envelope Stuffing Jobs" advert,

Then you will stuff an envelope with the same information you received, but this time asking them to send YOU money for the kit ... see how that works? 

It's a pyramid scheme.  There are no envelopes to stuff, you have to find others just like you and extract their cash for the envelope stuffing jobs kit from them ....  not good eh!


Create Your Own Real Envelope Stuffing Jobs Solution:

You could become a Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Company! yourself!

So, what is the answer? Well, one thing that is well known in marketing is that people will open a hand-written envelope before they open any that are printed/typed.  People can make a good living finding local companies that want to do mail shots and offering to hand write out the envelopes for them.  If you want a real envelope stuffing job, then how about setting this up as a service too.  You can work locally in your area, or you could even create a one page website and offer the service to small companies wherever they are.

You will need neat handwriting, or maybe you can find local people with neat h and writing who can actually hand write the envelopes for you. 

Pricing Up Envelope Stuffing Jobs:  you could offer two services

  • You provide the stamps/envelopes and they provide a print out of the names/addresses for you to copy.  They could email you the names/addresses.
  • They could provide you with everything you need, so you just copy the names/addresses onto the envelopes they are providing.

Things to Think About With Envelope Stuffing Jobs

If they are providing the envelopes, do they want you to send them back to them? You'll need to price in your time/postage to send them back (registered/signed for post)

If they are providing stamps and envelopes, think about how long it will take to put the stamps on the envelopes, price for your time.

Make sure you get paid up front.  If you are to provide the stamps/envelopes, then at least collect this amount up front before you do the work.

Do some practising of  how long it would take you.  All you need is a couple of used envelopes and a short list of random/madeup names, then sit down and time yourself.  How long does it take to write out 100 names/addresses?  How long does it take to fold 100 A4 sheets? How long does it take you to stuff 100 folded A4 sheets into envelopes?  How long does it take you to seal 100 envelopes after you've stuffed them?

Also, do some online research for companies offering these services, see how their charging systems and prices fit with your own.

Don't underprice yourself - you will need to be able to pay somebody to do the envelope stuffing work on your behalf AND cover your overhead costs, ready for the days when you hire in others to help you.  You might think it's OK to sit at home stuffing envelopes at a price that works out at £6/hour, but if you want others to do it then you'll quickly find you aren't charging enough/

Good luck creating your own proper envelope stuffing job working from home!


How EnvelopeStuffing Works

Envelope Stuffing Jobs Ads:

Designed to suck you in, typically an advert for envelope filling jobs might look like:

Make $1363.77 after stuffing ONLY 100 envelopes!!

Simply Stuff and Mail 100-400 Envelopes and make up to $900

Get Paid to Process E-Mails: Receive $30 payments for processing e-mails from the comfort of your home.

Stuffing Envelopes: Earn $1,760 Plus Every Week From Home!

Work At Home Stuffing Envelopes – earn $6 Per Envelope You Stuff – Start Now!

Envelope Stuffing for Cash!!

Envelope Stuffing for No Fees!

Free Envelope Stuffing Jobs!

How Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs Would Work in a Perfect World:

For a small processing fee, you'll receive a "starter kit" (or they will tell you how to earn money stuffing envelopes at home). It sounds as if they send you envelopes and flyers and all you do is insert, address and mail out the envelopes. But that's not what happens . . .

How Envelope Stuffing Jobs Really Work:

All you receive is a letter explaining how to place exactly the same advert that you replied to.  You place the advert in shop windows or online and then send the same information you received to the people that replied. The only legitimate thing in this whole scam is that you are essentially stuffing envelopes for money. However, it is illegal, it's a pyramid scheme and a scam.  In fact, according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service it is the most common scam.

People just like you have paid fees of of $65-$160 up-front for a package of supplies from the advertisers after being promised "Big paychecks within two weeks."  Sure, they received the envelope-stuffing materials; but as they soon discovered they were simply sending out more of the same rubbish to people that responded to the adverts they placed.  Another thing is, although being promised postage reimbursement, they never received it.

Time and money wasted!

What's The Truth with Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

It's a fact that any small business can simply buy a special printer with an attachment, costing them under $3500, that will literally fold and stuff up to 1200 envelopes per hour.  There are dozens of envelope stuffing printers they could choose from too - with a multitude of different attachments to fold in different ways and to fit different sizes of paper and envelopes.  Moving on up the scale, for under $18,000 it's possible to buy bachines that will stuff padded envelopes with large catalogs.  So there's no need for work from home people to stuff envelopes at all!

Factor in the time and cost  for the company to get together the materials for you and get them to you and you can quickly realise that it would be a lot more expensive for  companies to attempt to manage a team of home based envelope stufers.

If a company can't afford to pay for this type of equipment, they can use a local business that will do it for them.  The local business will probably even offer to have their materials printed for them at a discount.  It can cost less than 50 cents per envelope for this type of service.

So you can see  why they wouldn't be advertising for a team of home-based envelope stuffers based all around the world to do this work - why would they pay a complete stranger more to do a job they can get done cheaper/quicker locally?


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