Start Your Own Business - Selling Your Photos

Making Money From Selling Your Photos

If you are a photographer then there are a number of ways in which you can earn money from your photos. Yes, your photographs can earn you money.

But let's get one thing straight: we are not talking holiday snaps here, we are talking proper photographs.

If this interests you, but you don't yet feel quite up to the challenge, then maybe an online course is what you need. Online courses are super because you study at times convenient to you - and you're never waiting for a start date (or if you're like me find a course started 2 months ago!). One online course that's worth looking into is: School of Photography - Photography Courses

What Sort of Photos Sell?

Generally you only have to pick up any newspaper, magazine or piece of junk mail to find the answer to that. The photos you see in adverts and promotional materials are the sort of photos that sell well. Individual items sell well - this is called "stock photography".

If this doesn't appeal, then you can try other forms of photography: perhaps you could become an event photographer? This form of photography can be popular with sportspeople and makes for a great social life while you are practising your hobby and potentially earning money doing something you'd have probably done for free before!

Who the Heck Would Buy Them?

That depends on what you are photographing, but everywhere you look these days there are images: in advertising and promotions, junk mail, magazines, on TV, on mobile phones, online on websites, banner adverts ... just everywhere! Those photos came from somewhere and whereas some are specific photos, many are just random images used to illustrate an idea or emotion.

They can be turned into PC wallpaper or mobile phone wallpaper even!

There are literally 1000s if not millions of ways a photo can be used by somebody!


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Easy Photo Cash

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How Can I Sell My Photos?

There are many ways to sell your photos online, but it comes down to just a choice of three main ways:

1) Buy a photo selling service online that enables you to instantly upload your photos for sale - and you get to set your own prices. This is a great option as you are in control, but it's made easy for you and you get the satisfaction of actually running your own business as you can see everything that's going on and can make decisions yourself, like how much your photos are worth. Using this method you can usually also sell your photos on mugs, mousemats, T shirts, etc - all without you actually doing a thing!

2) Upload your photos to a stock photo agency and let them sell them for you. They are in control and you have to spend a lot of time working with them uploading photos, adhereing to their rules and waiting for them to sell. They also set the prices your photos sell at, which can be as low as £1 each.

3) Create your own website, upload your photos, sell them. You are completely in control, but it's a lot of effort

No one of the above solutions is right or wrong. They are just different ways to sell your photos - and people will prefer any one over the other two.

So, your photos are great aren't they? Or you know you could take good photos easily enough, then check out the following books to find out more about getting started quickly.

Good Photography Books
Selling Photos Offline

Selling Your Photographs Offline, in the Real World!

Apart from selling your photos online, there are ways you can sell your photos offline. Here are some examples:

  • Print them out and mount them into mounts for sale
  • Print them out and mount them onto blank cards to be used as greetings cards
  • Look at taking exhibition space and exhibiting some of your prints for sale

Where Can You Sell Your Mounted Photos?

Here are some ideas on how you can sell your printed photos:

  • Look around local shops and galleries. Do they sell mounted photos or hand-made cards? If so, approach the shop owner or manager and make enquiries
  • Sell them on eBay
  • Craft markets always have stalls with people selling home-made cards and mounted prints. Go take a look at some local markets and see if there is space for you and think about what you could sell that is either different from other stallholders, or better.

How to Make More Money From Your Photos

The secret to making more money is a process called upselling. This is where you sell more products or services to the one customer.

  • To upsell your mounted photos, you could offer a variety of frames for sale.
  • To upsell your hand-made cards, you could offer a personalisation service - write a personalised message.

There can be good money to be made from selling your photos.

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