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Petsitting and House Sitting

It's true, people need to escape the burdens of daily life for awhile--from things like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, painting, gardening, remodeling, home repairs, pet care, checking the mail, and paying their bills.  Even a break from nosy neighbours is reason enough to get away for a while.

But weeds don't pull themselves. Bills don't pay themselves.Most pets won't feed themselves. Yet, the grass keeps growing beneath their feet. Ironically, people become tied to their homes by the same responsibilities that they are trying to escape. And, since the families that play together, stay together; people are not likely to leave a sibling or spouse at home to keep up on these tasks.  It's a really discouraging circle.

For homeowners, the solution seems clear: find somebody to stay at their house, and take care of everything while they're gone.The challenge, however, is finding somebody they can trust. Friends? Perhaps. But most people feel uncomfortable asking their friends to shoulder such a tremendous burden.  Relatives? Possibly, but many homeowners don't like the thought of leaving their homes in the care of their crazy cousin, Eddie. Or worse.

What homeowners need are honest people to occupy their homes. People who desire a change of scenery, for example, or save for homes of their own. People who wish to be closer to their own families; writers seeking peace, quiet, and inspiration. And they definitely need people who understand their specific requirements, and someone they can trust.  Enter Housecarers.com, an online search and screen database for house sitters and homeowners to share information. The introduction of Housecarers.com allows people to leave their troubles behind. Literally.


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Get Registered as a Pet Sitter

At Housecarers.com, a unique search utility allows users to screen thousands of registered house sitters according to age, location, occupation, and just about any other requirements that they select. From short to long term, and from yard to garden, people can find a perfect match, including a house sitter who will manage all lawn and garden needs, pet care (no boarding fees), mail collection, bill payment, utilities, and any other issues that may arise.

And the service is very easy to use. For instance, when a homeowner registers with the system (a free service), they will be notified by e-mail any time a new house sitter matching their criteria signs up with the program.  House sitters, in turn, are motivated to register because of the fast and reliable way in which they can find free accommodations in exchange for housesitting.

According to Jim Hale, who used Housecarers to find a house sitter, the system works remarkably well. Says Hale, "I looked on the Internet, found the Housecarers web site, and registered our information. Within a couple of days, we had many responses -- some as far away as New Zealand! We got in touch with a couple in their 50s, and they turned out to be some of the nicest people we've ever met! The whole thing worked out very well -- they stayed with us a few days before our trip, they did a great job of watching over our house and our pets, and they even emailed us every day to let us know everything was OK!  The amazing thing is that we didn't have to spend a penny to have these great people take care of things!"

Author Ian L. White specializes in helping people who are interested in finding a house sitter in their town, or for more information about the benefits of house sitting. To find out about these services, visit Housecarers today. Registration is free for homeowners (and they'll never have to rely on cousin Eddie again).


Work at Home - Petsitting and Housesitting

Work at Home: Pet Sitter

If you are looking for an idea to start your own business working from home, then have you thought about being a pet sitter?

A pet sitter could be a live-in job, although mostly you need to pop round and feed them - and if it is a dog you are looking after it will probably want walking twice per day. You will need to love taking care of animals, but if you are keen on pets this might be perfect way to start your own business working from home.

Your Market

Your market is anybody with a pet! Why Would They Need a Pet Sitter? People need a pet sitter for a variety of reasons:
 - long or short business trips
 - holidays
 - weekend breaks
 - hospitalisation.

It is better for the pets if they are looked after by a petsitter than if they are bundled off to boarding kennels where they feel abandoned and alone.

In some instances, if you have the space, you might be able to have the pet stay at your house. But usually you would be going to the client's house.

Dog Walker

If you can't commit to looking after a pet as a pet sitter, you could think about offering a day care or dog walking service. People who are out at work all day, often long days, might like somebody to walk their dog on a regular basis - and/or even on a "callout" basis (charge extra!) if they are delayed at work.


Word of mouth works best with this. Dog owners are easy to spot - they are out walking their dogs! Get some business cards printed up, create a simple website - just one page will do - setting out your name, address, ways to contact you and a list of your services. Print your website address on your business card. Pass your card to every dog walker you pass in the street.

Make some notices up and put them on noticeboards. Speak to the local kennels. They might be able to pass you business leads where they know of people who can't afford proper kennels, or if they are phoning to kennels to see if they know of a local pet sitter.


You will need to be insured if you are running your own business. There are special insurance policies to cover you in case somebody's pet meets with a mishap while in your care. If you are employed by a pet sitting company to work on their behalf they will have insured you already. Insurance is very important, so don't overlook this or think you can get away with it for now ... it's not worth the risk


You would need to price the service appropriately. The amount you can charge will vary from region to region, depending on competition and the lifestyle of people in your area. But think at least in terms of the minimum wage. Don't sell yourself short! Think about the long term and how you could turn this into a proper business employing people to do the jobs for you, so working as a pet sitting and dog walking agency - and if that happened nobody would want to work for you if you'd priced your service so low you couldn't afford to pay them. And by then your clients would leave if you put your rates up. So price for a professional service from the start.

Good luck starting your own business as a pet sitter and dog walker if this is what you choose to do!

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