Party Plan

Party Plan Is a Great Way to Work from Home

Party plan companies have been around for years and they provide a fabulous way for people to work from home.

The business model is: you find people to host parties at their homes, the host provides the space and nibbles and invites their friends and neighbours round. The party planner will then demonstrate their goods and take orders.

Party plan companies may provide a variety of tools to help the party planner. Catalogues, order forms, product samples, special promotions.

The party host is usually compensated in some way, such as a hostess gift, or a percentage of the total party sales to be spent on goods from the party planner.

Good earnings can be made from party plan - and you can be just a party planner, or you can become a recruiter and manage a team.

Often there is a fee to start, to cover the Start Up Pack. This is to cover the costs of the materials and goods provided - to prevent the party plan company sending out hundreds of starter packs to people who never do anything with them.

Things which will affect your income from party plan are: the times you are available to book parties, the ability you have to keep the bookings coming, your location and the products you are selling.

Party Plan Companies You Have Probably Heard Of:

We've all heard the names of many party plan companies, maybe without realising that's what they are, or not knowing it's called party plan
  • Ann Summers - sexy lingerie and adult toys
  • Tupperware - kitchenware
  • Avon - cosmetics
  • Cabouchon - jewellery
  • Virgin Vie - cosmetics
  • Body Shop - beauty products and cosmetics

But there are dozens more in the offline world - and literally thousands in the online world!

As well as the national companies, there are a lot of smaller party plan companies which might be operating in your area.

Or - if you have an interest in something, perhaps you can start your own party plan business.

Get More Leads - Avon Reps

Party Plan Reps: Get More Customers

If you're going down the party plan route, then at some stage you'll want to know how to get more customers. Here's an article that might help you: Avon Representatives - How to Find New Customers- these ideas will help people with any party plan business.


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Downline Building

Easily Building a Downline in Your Party Plan Business

The party plan business usually relies on you getting income from one of two main ways:

  • Sell the products yourself
  • Recruit other people to sell products and you get a commission on their sales too

When you start out in party plan you quickly realise that you can become a manager - and just manage your own team, if you find other people to recruit.  When you are managing other people, you will be paid an additional amount depending on how much their orders are.  The amount you get paid extra will vary from party plan company to party plan company, but it can really add up.

Recruiting Others into Your Party Plan Organisation Easily

Actually finding people to recruit is something that most people struggle with.  You had to advertise for them, you had to answer the telephone to them, you might have had to visit them.... but with the Internet there's a lot more scope to be able to recruit people using the Internet - this is easier and quicker - as well as enabling you to reach more people than a small ad in your local paper would ever have done!

What is a Downline?

The technical term for people that you recruit is your Downline.  You will earn money from your downline - sometimes everal tiers deep.  Many companies will pay you bonuses not just on what the people you introduce are ordering, but also on the orders of the people THEY recruit.   If you can build your downline deep and wide then you can soon find your role is just recruiting/managing people, rather than doing any actual selling yourself - and all of a sudden it all just becomes that bit easier.

Growing Your Downline

There are many ways you can do this.  You might try word of mouth - do your friends/neighbours/relatives want to join you ... mostly they won't.  You might try advertising in your local paper.  Many people advertise online these days, using a combination of free classified ads and maybe their own website.

But, there is another way - and it's free so well worth a go.

Prospex - a Zero Cost Attraction Marketing System

Prospex is a 100% zero cost training community that has some of the top trainers in the industry who have stepped up and said "yes" to making high quality training available to the industry for no cost.  Prospex is a simple, yet POWERFUL, attraction marketing system.  Designed to give you all the tools you need in order to start building your online brand and your team.

Check it out here:

The Prospex system is ideal if want to learn (at zero cost) how to grow your business and downline in:

  • Party Plan
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
  • Network Marketing

Whether you're working for an existing organisation, or whether you are making your own party plan business.

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