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Own a Reseller Site: Fully Automated Website

A reseller site is where you resell other people's products. The most popular form of owning a reseller site is to build your own ebook website.

But, better than building your own ebook website is to have an automated ebook website. So the next step is: How to create an automated ebook selling website.

What is an ebook Selling Website?

People always want information. Selling information is one of the largest income-generators on the Internet. Your ebook website would provide people with the information they need. See the section below on Book Rights - make sure you know which ones you can sell. Whichever method you choose, you can promote and sell your ebooks on ebay and other auction sites as well as being able to advertise and promote them in any other way online and offline.

  • Step One: You get yourself a free fully automated ebook website - and simply promote it.
  • Step Two: Buy an automated ebook website service. Automated ebook websites will come with some books straight away, but you can add your own books later if you wish.
  • Step Three: Create your own ebook website from scratch yourself. This isn't technically difficult and you can even hire yourself a cost-effective programmer on freelance.com. You will have to buy the books you want to resell

Although I've called them Step One, Step Two and Step Three above, you could just stop at Step One if you want to keep it simple. This is perfectly acceptable and you can earn money online with ebooks just by checking out the CB Top Sites freebie.

If you want to own a reseller site you have bought, or you will build your own ebook website, then an automated ebook website might be the way to go.


Step One: Get a Free Automated Ebook Reseller Website

The quickest and easiest way for you to get yourself a fully automated ebook reseller site and build your own automated ebook website is to simply buy one already made. 

I used to direct people towards twodollars, but they've now closed their doors.  So what are the options now? Well, you could get yourself a free clickbank mall.

Here is one you can try - I use these, they're free to join.  All you do is sign up, follow the instructions, then start promoting your free website address:




Step Two: First Steps in Selling Ebooks from Your OWN Website

If you want to have an automated ebooks reseller site and want to build it up with more books or you want to sell ebooks on specific subjects, then what you will need will be much more sophisticated than an instant site.

Maybe you already have a lot of ebooks that you have the Master Resell Rights for, or you plan to be choosing and buying ebooks in the future and you want to bring them all together in an automated ebook website that you really own.

To sell ebooks you must make sure you own the Master Resell Rights first, but there are a lot of websites that will sell you these.

Next you will need a method of hosting your books so you can just upload them and forget them. Somewhere where your books are protected from copyright theft. You need a service where somebody buys your ebook and pays for it, immediately gets sent a link to download it - a link that is limited to stop them emailing it to their friends for the next 5 years - and you need to have the money paid straight into your Paypal account. And, you don't want to pay a fortune for this. With ebooks being so cheap to buy, you need to ensure that you stand a good chance of selling more than enough to cover your costs.

There are two solutions I will recommend:

1. eJunkie

WIth an initial free trial period, then at a cost of only £2.50/month you can host up to 50MB of ebooks at e-Junkie. Your ebooks are secure, your customers can instantly pay and download from copy/paste buttons provided by e-Junkie and it's really a service you can set up and forget.

e-junkie works for any digital products. So you can sell music, ebooks, software .... the list is endless. If it is a digital file you can upload, eJunkie can manage it for you. Simply upload your files to the e-Junkie secure server and when somebody buys your product they immediately get an email with a link in it. That link is limited to either a set number of downloads or a set time - helping to prevent fraud as the link can't be emailed around.

If your software or ebook needs a unique registration key for each customer that is no problem. E-Junkie.Com can be integrated with your key generation script, the correct registration key will be sent in the email your customer receives.

You also get full sales and download statistics.

If you use Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture or MSN adCenter to advertise your product, eJunkie integrates into those systems too. It will also fit with just about all other online advertising and tracking programs - giving you full conversion and ad performance statistics, essential for successful marketing.

It will even let you provide unique discount codes to selected customers/campaigns, which can be entered upon purchase.

This is everything you will need to sell your ebooks online if you accept payment by Paypal. You need no programming skills at all and can be started in 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can spend time integrating it into your own scripts & programmes to make a bespoke e-book delivery system that meets your needs.

Get e-junkie here: Sell Downloads

2. MyDigitalDespatch

Mydigitaldespatch is another great fully professional and secure digital products download solution. This is digital download software at just £34/$67. It is targetted at people selling their ebooks on eBay. It has some super features too, including unlimited products.

Check out the features of Mydigitaldespatch now

Now You're all set and it's just down to getting the ebooks to sell. You've probably already bought a lot and have them on your PC. I know I have!

Write Your Own eBooks

Now all you need to do is write your own ebooks and upload them for sale. ebooks can be anything from 1 page to 1000 pages - you choose! It all depends on what information you are selling, or even giving away.

Sell eBooks Already Own the Resell Rights To

Simply upload all those ebooks you've already got kicking around. Sell them on your website, or sell them on ebay. Even give them away to people on your mailing list when they subscribe!


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Step Three: Build Your Own All Singing, All Dancing Website to Work Exactly How You Want

If you've been selling ebooks by any method for awhile, you might decide that it's time for you to build your own bespoke fully automated ebook reseller website.

You can learn to program yourself, which might be time consuming, or maybe you are already a programmer, which really gives you a great head start.

But you can get a freelance programmer to programme your automated reseller website for you. You can post your requirements and Get a Freelancer, where programmers will bid on your job. You might be surprised how cheap a site can be - maybe your site is 95% similar in functionality to another that some programmers have already written, so they can give you a competitive quote as they don't have to start from scratch. It's always worthwhile getting a price for your specification.

Get a Freelancer Quote Now to Have Any Website Built To Your Spec Now

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