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Resale Rights for Digital Products

Do you have the rights to resell or modify ebooks and other digital products you have bought?

Most popular resell rights products are resell rights software including ebooks and business tools. Others which people are less likely to change or want to change or sell are music and software.

When you buy digital products, if you want to do anything beyond use them yourself, you have to understand the rights you have to do that. For example, you can't just give away free ebooks unless you have bought the correct rights.  

You might notice on ebay that ebook sellers state their rights for the purposes of the ebay team and any buyers.

Below is an overview of the main reseller rights you will encounter when buying digital products on the Internet. 

Resale Rights

Resale Rights are just basic reseller rights, allowing you only to use and sell the product and keep the profit.
You do not have the rights to sell the resell rights. So your buyer can only use the product, not resell it himself.

So why would somebody sell it to you - and allow you to resell it and keep all the profits? Usually it is because the product has their branding/website all through it. So you are marketing them. That doesn't mean it is a bad thing - you are making the money, simply that 3 months down the line if they like the book, they will probably have forgotten who you are and will go to the author's website for more! Obviously, you would be better off creating your own products and doing this yourself ... but one step at a time eh! You'll get there if you want to. Many people are quite happy just selling products like these forever. There's always plenty of new books for them to sell and it takes a lot of time and research to produce your own ebook.



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Master Rights

Master Resale Rights/Full Resale Rights

Master Resale Rights are also known as Full Resale Rights. These allow you to use and to sell the product. You can also sell the resell rights to your buyers. 

Master Resale Rights are some of the most valuable rights available that you can buy.  This is especially true for ebooks. Many master resell rights products provide you with a sales letter as well as the product itself - so you can plug it in to your website immediately and start marketing it and profitting right away.

Private Label Resale Rights

Private Label Resale Rights give you the rights to modify the title or content of the product to look like it's your own work. You can reprint it on your web site, blog, newsletter or ezine. Note though, that this does not normally include copyright and resell rights. 

Reprint Resale Rights

Reprint Resale Rights give you the right to reprint and resell the product. Reprint Rights allow you to reprint or post the content content on your web site, blog, newsletter or ezine.

Rebrand Resale Rights

Rebrand Resale Rights give you rebranding rights and reselling rights. Rebranding rights allows you to rebrand the product by changing any seller (affiliate) links in the content.

If you are buying ebooks to resell, make sure you read the small print to see what you are allowed to do with it.

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