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Work at Home - Marketing Jobs

One of the loveliest jobs in my opinion is marketing. And marketing as a way to earn money working from home is the easiest job in the world! I do it and I love it.

So, where are these jobs working from home in marketing?  Well, most of them are completely hidden to you, until you unlock the secret code. Yes, you just have to know the buzz words.

Online marketing is everywhere! But it isn't called marketing. You don't see companies advertising "Marketing job working from home". They use a completely alien word: Affiliate.

As an affiliate your job is to market the products of companies. And these jobs are everywhere. Selling everything! And you don't even have to apply for the job, it's yours for the asking. Pay is, of course, commission only, but the rewards can be very high once you get good at it.

So, how do you get started? Well, you could just leap in, market products badly, spend a lot of time (and possibly even money) getting it entirely wrong. Or, you could take the sensible route that will lead you to a good steady income working from home.

The two ways I'd recommend starting are by signing up with these two companies - and I'll tell you why:



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So, Where are the Jobs?

There are two ways you can find the companies that need people to market their products.

You can simply trawl the internet, finding websites in your area of interest, then looking to see if they have an affiliate programme and joining it, or, you can fast track by going directly to the companies who run the affiliate programmes for people. The first way is long-winded and if every company manages the payments differently then you have a lot of overhead time with just keeping track of if you've been successful. And some don't even give you statistics.

So it makes much more sense to go direct to the companies that run affiliate schemes. These give you one place to search for goods and services to market, one place to check your earnings and one place to check your sales. A much better use of time! The companies using these central services also tend to be bigger/better so you can be assured you're marketing products from a reputable company that will pay you.

Where Are These Companies?

Below are the main ones. Some are worldwide, some are UK based. These are the ones I use. I've found them reliable and full of companies that want me to market their products.

Sign up for them now, there's no fees to you ever. Then look through how much you can earn.

What Now, I'm Keen To Get Started ...

So, it's great having an article on something you're interested in, but usually they leave you hanging. Without a game plan. So rather than leave you to it, here is my recommendation to you to follow over the next month. Follow my list and you will be earning money working from home in online marketing within a month,, but more importantly, you will know what you are doing and why! Alternatives

Are there alternatives to the above? Yes, there are. And I will be covering a super alternative option in an article shortly:

  • How to take your online marketing offline, by providing a super service locally or nationally using telesales and email to get fast results!


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