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One super way of earning money online is by selling ebooks. With this idea there are many ways you can go.

1. You can create everything, including your own books from scratch - a lot of work, but that might be your ultimate dream.

2. You can sign up to a free ebook website - where you can't change anything on it. Some might allow you to add a few books or maybe put a different banner on.

3. You can buy your own ebook shop solution software - you buy software and set it all up

4. You can just buy into a great looking ebook shop from the start and be up and running quickly - being able to customise the look of the site to your own tastes.

I've tried most of the above, but buying a ready made ebook store that I could customise seemed the point that to me made the most sense. If you are like me you want to see something straight away, that you can start to promote quickly - then over time add in all your existing ebooks - or start to search for new ones to add to your store. When you add your own books you get 100% of the price. When you sell an existing book you get to keep 50-70% as a reseller.



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JumpStart Earning Money Online - Buy a Ready Made eBook Store

When I discovered this ebook store, I liked it - a LOT. So I set out to find out who was behind it so I could copy it! And I found that I didn't need to waste hours/weeks or longer trying to copy it as I could simply buy it outright.

Not only that, but:

  • It was affordable
  •  I could add my own books to it
  •  I could change the colours and the header

A bargain. So if you want to sell ebooks, I can thoroughly recommend this professional looking site:

You can get your own ebook website with either 50, 100 or 150 products already installed.

**FULL* No further applications are being taken at the present time.

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