Making an Income From Property & Property Profits

Income from Property

A growing number of people over the last few years have been making a tidy profit making an income from property.

Some have gone down the self-build route, then sold the property

Some have taken out buy to let mortgages and built a portfolio of property to rent out

Profit has been made on new build property - off-plan, which hasn't even been built yet has been a popular route . They've often simply put down a small deposit when the building is just a plan - then sold it the minute the keys are in their hand. If they did their homework right they pocketed a great profit from doing it too!

Is there a place in the property market for you too! You simply need to find out what's available, find out all about it and make a decision.

Property investment isn't for everybody - and in a changing market you really have to have thought through what you're trying to do, take professional advice and really done the maths!  In recent years, people have relied on what seems to have been a rising market.  They thought it was their hard work or brilliance that generated them profits, when it was the housing market bubble that was making the money for them, riding the back of an over-inflated marketplace, based on loose lending and false valuations.  There has been systematic fraud in recent years with house prices - and a lot got caught up in it.

Now things have changed and values are plummeting, it's still possible to buy the right property at the right price, but you need to work out which property, where  and why - and buy at the right price. 


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Profit from Property

Profiting from property isn't just for people with a lot of money

There are some ways that every day people can get in on the act too.

Check out the Tax Cafe guides to property and how to profit from it. I bought the one on Stamp Duty when I was selling my house ... wish I'd bought it just a week before as it would have saved a tidy sum!

Apart from that, there are guides on profiting from brand new homes, student houses ... and a load more!

Whether buying tired  houses and renovating them is your thing, or buying something new  for investment, there's plenty of space for somebody bright to make a good income from property.  Profit from off plan property (that is buying new property before it's been built), or update what you have already!  Just make sure the figures stack up!

Get it wrong  and you may live to regret it for life, get it right and your future's rosy.

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