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Hub Pages:

Get Paid Online For Writing Small Paragraphs About Things You Know or Like - Completely Free

If you want to quickly and (fairly) easily find one straight forward way to earn money online, writing small snippets, opinions, rants or advice, then I'd refer you to Hub Pages.

Here's one I prepared earlier: Getting Rid Of Damp

I think Hub Pages is great. You just have to think up small things to write about. And you can literally write about the first thing that comes into your head. My first attempt was for a quick/easy cheese & potato pie recipe!

Firstly: there is no charge whatsoever Secondly: you get paid for doing it - paid over and over again because once you've written a hub, it's there every day forever. If you write 10 hubs a day, then you have the income potential from 10 hubs on day 1, 20 on day 2 ... 300 by the end of the first month. Keep writing and you will have over 3650 hubs potentially each earning you money every day.

This really is a "One Hour a Day" completely hands-free solution.

No feedback to respond to, no products to ship, nothing to pay. Just log on for an hour a day (in 5 minute chunks while you are at your dayjob maybe even!) and write about something.


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Follow my link above and take a look around. Then simply sign up. Create a hub - just create a simple posting. This isn't a whole website where you have to fill a whole page, or think about anything. Just literally write a small piece about something you know or something you are interested in. Stand alone. That's it.

I am sure every day you realise things, find out things, look into things, or just know things - and all you'd have to do is write a good paragraph each time you did.

How to Make the Most Money Out of HubPages

The money comes from adverts that are displayed round what you write, so to make the money, make sure you get yourself the following:

- Get a Paypal Account Now - Join Amazon Associates Programme Adsense takes a few days to get approved, and they will want to look at your site to approve you. So it might be something you sign up for once you've made a few postings, then you can submit your hub pages to Google for the approval) After that, whenever you write, hub pages automatically displays Google Adsense adverts around your ramblings - and Amazon adverts. These adverts automatically generate related adverts based on what you are writing about.

To set up hub pages and the accounts you need that generate the income, this could be a half day exercise. You have to sign up for each of them then there is the verification email and the finding your way around to be done. But once you've got it all set up, all you have to then do is make some hub postings.

Exploding Your Income

OK, so that seems straight forward doesn't it.... and it is. And doing that you might make some money - and it's enjoyable. But, really you want to take this to the next level.

Over the next 6 months you want to be able to see your earnings from this increase. You want it to show an increased earning month on month; you want it to show you that this IS a way to earn money online without having to spend a penny! So how is that done? How do you make MORE money from doing exactly what you have been doing?


Three Ways To Make More Money Online with Hubpages:

  1. Promote

    . Promote your hubs to your friends. Tell your friends about your hubs - and they will visit and read. The more readers/visitors you have, the more chance somebody will click on one of the adverts (do NOT tell them to, that is fraud and you can be dropped from Google Adsense forever). But, people you send to your hub might genuinely be interested in the adverts they see.


    : if your friends/contacts join because they clicked your link, you get paid if they start this addictive hobby!
  2. Write about Popular Topics

    . The more popular the things you write about are, the more people will read them.
  3. Work Smarter, Not Harder

    - write your hubs in a way that attracts higher paying adverts. Not all adverts are created equally! When the advertisers pay to advertise their goods/services through the Google Adsense adverts your hubs will be displaying, different words, keyword combinations and topics are worth a LOT more than others. This is a massive subject in itself. Some advertisers actually pay over £5 per click to Google to be seen! And others are paying only 2p. So, you would need to research or find out the higher paying adverts. And ensure you write interesting, informative paragraphs about those things. Sometimes it is the subject itself that pays well. Sometimes it is simply keeping things quite targetted. For example. You might be writing about how to choose a tent to go camping - so research the value of words and phrases based around camping. You will be surprised to see that the values of different words you could use in your article might vary significantly. As you are paid a percentage of a click value, the more the advertiser is paying for their advert, the more you get if your article uses that word/phrase and your article causes a visitor to click on that advert. e.g. perhaps "camping" advertisers are paying £0.50, but "campers" is paying £0.35. In that case you might choose your title to be "Happy Campers - Sorting Out Your Tent", rather than "Going Camping? Sort out your Tent". You can research these yourself (the old fashioned, hope and poke method, taking many hours/days/weeks of research) or you could simply buy the list outright and get started writing about high-earning subjects in the next hour!

Resources to Earn More by Using the Right Keywords:

 - Top Paying Keywords - 2,500,000 Words That Pay The Most  - Keyword Explosion - Database of 2.1 Million High Paying Adsense Keywords  - Quadruple Adsense Revenues - The 15,000 Most Expensive Search Keywords

How Much Will I Earn With Hubpages?

That is impossible to say, but I can say that so far for me and from what others are saying that this is THE easiest and most successful way so far to literally earn money out of thin air without ever investing a penny. I can't explain just how great it is without sounding l ike I am over-hyping it, so why not see for yourself.  How little or how much you write is up to you, but make a commitment to yourself to join Hubpages today and work to a timetable: maybe one per day, or maybe two per week while you're sat at your workdesk with a few minutes spare. Income depends on how popular your pieces are and how many of the people reading your articles are interested in the adverts around. But, as a measure, I am not a writer. I have not optimised my hubs. I just wrote random things that came into my head. I created 20 hubs. Nothing big, nothing clever, nothing great, but in the last month it's already generated some extra work where people contacted me and asked me to write similar pieces for them - this work is paying me £20/hour!  I never expected that to happey, it could happen for you too. Now, what would happen if I were to actually take this seriously and set out to improve my writing skills to make my pieces more interesting and readable? What if I were to read up on keywording and make sure that my articles contained the highest value keywords possible? And what if I kept writing 5 per day for 2 years? After 2 years I'd have 3650 hubs.... because they don't disappear! How much would that earn you? So - you can do better than that can't you?!

Commit to just one hour per day

, write some hubs,

be patient

... and watch how your income grows. No Risk, No Cost I know I will be spending more time creating hubs in the coming months. Just think how much money you could be earning within 2 years - and all without any financial risk and without giving up your dayjob!
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