5 Tips: How to Find Work From Home Jobs

Finding work from home jobs is an art, but you can learn it quite easily. Here are my Top 5 Tips to you so you know how to find good work from home jobs and avoid any scams.

After all, I have managed to find them for the members area - and you can too.

  1. Know thine enemy. Start to recognise the companies that aren't real work from home companies.  Work from home adverts and companies that are not legit jobs will use specific words and phrases that you will start to recognise.
  2. Think about what you are typing into the search engines to find work from home jobs, refining your search terms will give you better results.
  3. Write down the search phrases that produce good work from home restuls - and use them next time.
  4. Study the results you are getting, look at the words they've used on their website - can you use those words in your searches?
  5. Bookmark this website and keep coming back! Check out the members area weekly for new real jobs working from home.  There's no charge to register or to use this site - it is completely free and always will be.

To work from home is something most people wish for, but to achieve it you have to start looking around at what work at home jobs and opportunities are out there.  You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince!  It's a learning route.  Firstly you have to know what's out there, then you have to try some things, or find out more.  Does it sound like something you can do?  Do you need more information? 


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Find Work at Home

Working at home and working online to earn money is similar to finding a job in the real world.  There are many jobs advertised in your local paper that you could do if you knew what they meant in the advert, the same thing applies to online jobs.  There are jobs you can learn to do, teach yourself.  And there are also some things that right now you aren't ready for - but you can be if you just try things out and see what's available.

Every day there are new ways emerging to earn money online and work at home.  Whatever you do, don't give up.  The perfect job is out there for you!  Some other websites you might like to try are:

  • http://homeworker-directory.com/blog - Explore the ways you can build up your own website, work as an affiliate, run an auction site, etc - along with all the tools you'll need. 
  • http://jobsforhomeworkers.com - Freelance work is a good way to work from home.  Simply apply for the jobs you want to do and work directly for companies who are hiring - with quick payout too!
  • http://uksurveysclub.com/ - Earn money filling in surveys for market research companies.  

Personally, I found my niche in blogging.  I create websites using Wordpress.  Maybe that's for you, or maybe doing surveys for money is more what you fancy (check out the free list of paid surveys on the left).  A lot of other people find their inspiration from or on ebay.  At the top of the page you'll see some current ebay adverts for ways to work at home earning money.  Or maybe you want to sell things on ebay yourself

Good luck!

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