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A great way to work at home is to sell things. Years ago, this would have meant party plan or car boot sales, but these days you can do it without leaving your house! Could it BE any better?

When it comes down to it, there are two ways to sell things online. Set yourself up with a website/e-commerce store, or ebay. Even "proper companies" sell their goods online, rather than setting up their own e-commerce store when they want to test the market. It's a great way for them to shift surplus stock too. Others who have an e-commerce store, still use ebay to either drive traffic to their website to buy there, or they use it to sell things they don't want to put into their proper store just because the items aren't what they are known for.

So, if the easiest and quickest way to sell things online is with ebay, how do you get started?


I'd say the first step is to get yourself a free ebay account and a free paypal account. Then go online and spend a couple of weeks buying a few small/cheap items just to see how ebay works from the buyer's perspective.

During this two weeks you can think about what YOU will sell online and you can contact suppliers. And for just about £1.21 (US$2.39) you might like to check out this super bundle of eBooks, including Secret eBay Marketing. With a retail price of £15, this ebook alone is worth the money, but you also get another 11 in the bundle and you can even resell the book on ebay so you can get your money back as one of your first items for sale!

Buy Goods at Wholesale Prices - Resell at a Profit

Why Not Just Buy Wholesale Goods and Resell Them at a Profit?

This has always been an easy way for people to make money working from home.  You can do it part-time, or for a short time (ideal if you're on sick leave or maternity leave), you can try it just the once (say supplying seasonal goods) or build it into a full-time business of your own.  It really is something you can start and stop when you want.

The great thing about buying wholesale goods for resale is you are actually handling an actual product that you chose. A lot of people like this, they prefer it to working online and building websites say.

Here's an ebay tip:
have two accounts, you can do this. Use one account to do your buying and one to do your selling - that way people can't see that you bought the goods wholesale on ebay and have simply split them up and are listing them individually!

A lot of people will buy wholesale lots and go to car boot fairs, Xmas fairs, tabletop sales and similar.  Others will use eBay and eBid to resell them online.  Maybe you have some great ideas yourself in how you can sell things on, perhaps sell them on to car booters in smaller lots, or resell the whole lot if you've got it at a good price.  And what about classified ads? You can advertise the goods in local shop windows or newspapers! It's really up to you. 

Take a look below at wholesale goods available to buy right now on eBay. 

Why not give it a whirl?  I've tried buying and selling gold and silver jewellery before!

Build Your Own Work at Home Business Today, Working From Home The Easy Way!


Here are some ideas of wholesale goods you can buy today...


Wholesale Lots

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The easiest way to get hold of goods is via ebay in my opinion, but if you want to move into a specialist area, you might be wanting to look more closely at obtaining a wholesaler directory or some details of dropship companies.



With wholesalers you will need to raise the money up front and pay for the goods. Then you have to store them. The more you buy, the bigger the discount you get. You may already know some wholesalers, or know how you will find them.

If you don't, then it's worth finding a great book you can buy to get you started. But make sure it is for the UK market.



    With a dropshipper you don't need any money to start. So I'll repeat that. You don't need any money to start.

    Using a dropshipper, all you do is identify a bunch of things you want to sell online. Search ebay to see how much others are selling them for. At first, you might like to double-check the dropshipper out. Get in contact with them to satisfy your mind on some items, like the cost of P&P, delivery times, payment methods and any other conditions. But once you're happy with your choice of goods and dropshippers, you just advertise!

    You can read a bit more about dropshipping on my Dropshipping page, or just click one of these links to get started finding goods to buy online:

    How to Buy & Sell

    How to Buy and Sell

    All you now do is:

    Work out how much you will sell it for, write and post your advert ... and wait. If somebody buys what you are selling, once they have paid, get in contact with the dropshipper and get them to ship the goods direct. That's the magic of dropshippers - that is what they do for a living - send goods off to individual buyers on behalf of the people selling them.

    If nobody buys. It's only cost you the cost of the advert - which on ebay can be as little as 15p (or free/5p on their sale days).

    Tip: for everything you sell you have to write your advert from scratch, so it's really handy for you if you sell the same thing over and over again. In fact, you see a lot of sellers who have the same item for sale with the auction end date twice a day every day. Once you've listed the item once, it is just a couple of clicks to run it again the same.

    Here are some handy links to get you started if you need them:

    Not Quite Ready? Want to Learn More? Looking For an eBay Course?

    Of course, trying anything new is daunting at first! If I am trying something new I like to get a fast head start by doing a course in it. Something that takes me through everything, pointing out what to do, what not to do! I ran some courses on ebay for a local College and it's quite surprising what I think of as "obvious" that wouldn't occur to many people. Once you've been told what to do, you can very quickly adapt that to fit exactly the goods you are selling, knowing you've got the edge over all the people that didn't know a thing and just had a go. I once put a book on eBay against 3 competitors. Mine not only sold at a price I was pleased with, but I noticed my two competitors hadn't got ONE bid. Yet the buyers were fighting each other for my copy! So, if you feel more comfortable knowing you're ready and armed to go get the best prices ever for your auction items, try this course:


    Free eCommerce Site / Free Online Shop

    Get Your Own eCommerce Store for Free - Sell Your Own Goods

    Get a 100% Free, fully customizable, professional online storefront where you sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits. Unlike many other web store creation, management and ecommerce web hosting services this is not a trial or limited time offer. You can have your own free ecommerce solution, including a free sub-domain, free shopping cart, free ecommerce web hosting and free advanced ecommerce website design and creation tools.

    By using our simple yet powerful web-based online store customization, administration, and management tools you can be running your own professional ecommerce website and accepting orders in under one hour.

    And if that weren't enough:

    • Free online storefront with shopping cart, website builder, merchant account integration and free web hosting.   
    • Simple yet powerful web-based website design, creation, customization and administration tools.   
    • Choose from over 160 unique templates for your online store.   
    • Your choice of, or FREE sub-domain storefront internet addresses.   
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    • Based on the award winning osCommerce 2.2 open source shopping cart software. If you are looking for 100% FREE osCommerce based ecommerce solution with many osCommerce custom contributions already pre-installed, you will find that and much more right here.   
    • Free certified 128 bit SSL server for secure online payments transaction processing or use one the many supported merchant account providers such as PayPal to quickly and easily accept online credit card payments.   
    • Fast reliable FREE ecommerce web hosting for your online ecommerce website. Automatic daily backups of all your ecommerce online storefront files and customer databases.  
    free online shop



    A Paypal Account - an online essential

    A Paypal account is free and it significantly increases your sales. I know I wouldn't buy something I couldn't pay for by Paypal just because it's easier. I don't have to write a cheque out and send it or wait. And from a seller's perspective you get the money immediately too.

    The other great thing about Paypal is it gives you protection when buying things online. They are part of eBay and I think you are covered if you spend up to £500 on eBay - and for other purchases there is a whole dispute/refund agreement that's well worth a look in if you buy things online that aren't through eBay.

    Also, if you are getting an online store, you might choose Paypal as the way people can pay you. Using Paypal is the quickest and cheapest way to accept credit cards as you don't need a full business banking account and merchant account. Or you can even send individual links by email to just about anybody who owes you money - friends or perhaps clients.


    Paypal - for getting paid and paying others online - ideal for eBay 


    Auction Sites

    Auction Sites

    eBay certainly isn't the only auction site online. It is simply the most well-known.

    If you want to buy/sell products online, then at some stage you might like to look at different auction sites. Some people find a niche product and they buy their items from one site and sell them on others.

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