The Secrets of Earning Money Online Using Adsense

One way to earn money online is by putting adsense advertising onto your webpages. This is just one of your choices, but it is by far the easiest. You don't have to find advertisers, you don't have to set up methods of displaying adverts to meet an advertiser's wishes. You don't have to create start/end dates, nor count and prove impressions. No negotiating over price, no billing, no waiting to be paid.

 Adsense is an entirely hands-free way of providing your website visitors with adverts of things that might interest them, so you can just concentrate on providing great content!

Signing up for Adsense

Firstly, you have to sign up. You have to have an existing website to submit to them for approval. Their Terms & Conditions are quite straight forward though. It takes a few days to get approved. Or not. Many people don't get approved on their first site. They won't accept websites that say "under construction" for example, nor any adult-material websites. Once you have been approved, you can just log in, choose your advert type and size and get the code for your pages. Once you have one website approved, you are then free to put your adsense onto any other websites you own, so long as they also meet their terms. But be careful, if you get banned by adsense, that's it. No second chances! For most people with legitimate websites this won't be a problem though.

How Adsense Works

Within your website, you decide where you want to place adverts. You decide what type of adverts you want. You can even list your competitor websites and exclude their adverts from appearing. The system then matches the content on your page with their available adverts and shows them where you have placed the code.

You are allowed to have on any one page just: 3 adsense blocks, 1 mini navigation block, 1 block to advertise adsense itself.

How Do You Get Paid

At the moment. you are paid because people visit your website and click on an advert being shown. This can be anywhere from ½p to 25p. But it does add up. Once you have earnt $100, about £50, you can be paid. Adsense pays you monthly, by cheque. In order to qualify for a payout you have to have exceeded $100 in that month and you need to have been verified by Adsense. The verification process is two-fold. Firstly they ask you your phone number. They then call you on that phone number (well, it is an automated system, not a live person) and you have to type in a number that they have displayed on your screen. The second part of the process is that they send you a postcard. On the postcard is a PIN number. Once you receive this you have to type the PIN number into your account.

How Can You Use Adsense Easily With No Outlay?

If you don't have a website, you might be looking for a quick way to get started with adsense. You've read up about earning money online and found you could create a blog and write about things, or a website. And you've got a passion or hobby you want to do this with. But how do you quickly and easily monetize your idea?


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Adsense Systems

Adsense in Blogs

You can create a blog and then put adsense into it. This instantly solves the problem of getting something done quickly. You can create a blog in 5 minutes, then literally start typing! Once you've got half a dozen good postings, you can apply to adsense with your blog address in your application. By the time they have looked at your blog you'll have made more postings. So that gets you approved quickly.

You cannot put adsense onto free Wordpress blogs - if you want to use Wordpress you will need to register your own domain and put your blog on that. Which takes a bit more time and thought.

Blogger  is a free blog system that does allow you to instantly put adsense code in. To put the code in you will need to be able to understand the html enough to place the adsense code.

10 Free Adsense Ready Blog Themes

An alternative is to download these 10 free Adsense blog themes and use one of these. As it already has the adsense code built in, all you'd need to do is type in your own Adsense ID which you get when you are approved. **SOLD OUT**

Adsense Revenue Share

Revenue Sharing And Adsense

Revenue sharing is where a website already exists, often in the form of a forum or other way that you can create small pieces of website content. These companies can do this because Google wrote a special piece of linking code for them. If you are reading about this and are a programmer, check out the Google API for Adsense.

Each of these websites will offer a different percentage share of the revenue. And different criteria. They will also all have different levels of popularity. So, if you are going down this route you would need to watch not only how much of the revenue you get for yourself, but also if the website has many visitors. It is better to have 25% of £10, than 50% of £1! The more traffic the website receives, the more likely your pieces will be read - and it is when your items are read that you get a revenue share.


Hubpages were the first website offering a revenue share using the Google API from Google. With these you sign up and enter your Adsense ID. Of course, you can just sign up and write some things, then use your hubpages to apply to google for adsense approval. What you do is "create a hub". A hub is a few paragraphs or more about any subject you choose. You simply get started straight away by typing in a title and typing up your article/information/thoughts. Beyond that, you will need to create further hubs. Hubs are stand-alone articles/items in their own right, but if you are writing about the same subject/s all the time, you can link your hubs together.

Obviously there are techniques to getting your earnings higher with this. They are the usual things: Think carefully about your title - research your keywords to use - write good useful information or something dazzling!

To check out a hub I wrote, to show you, go here: Top 10 Hotels In Newquay Cornwall sign up and have a go at writing a hub right now. Once you've created 2-3 you might not like your first one, but no worries, you can edit them or even delete them at any time!

With hubpages you can check your statistics and see how many people have read your hubs in the last day, week, month, ever. And also where those people are finding you from.


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