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If you've got time on your hands, want to make friends, give your opinion, chat online in forums, then there's been an explosion of sites that will pay you to post on their forum.

Why Would A Forum Pay You To Post?

Quite simply, to get website traffic, to make their website more popular, to have a constantly updating website without them having to do it.  Every website owner wants more website traffic, they want their site to be more popular than others and they know that to please Google (and get high Google rankings) they have to have fresh, unique content regularly.  By paying their members to post on the forum they get all of that - at a fraction of the cost of advertising their site and hiring writers.  So everybody wins.

I actually belong to a few myself - and have been paid.

You won't make a fortune, but if you've got spare time in your life that you spend online then why not join up and post on their forums, make friends and get paid for it!

I don't post on forums as much as I'd like (I've got my own sites to run), but I have been paid from a few of them even though I've done very little.

Why not check them out, there are a few listed below that I belong to, why not try them out. 




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MyLot is a fun and lively discussion forum where you get paid to make friends and chat. And it really works. You build on your success and earnings, so over time your cash pot could grow. My first payout of about £10-11 was paid directly into my Paypal account about a month after I'd really started. Highly recommended for building up a nest egg for summer holidays or Xmas.

Free to join. They pay by Paypal when you've earnt just £5, which is dead easy to do if you follow the instructions that follow. Over time people have worked out that these are the best ways to quickly earn the most money:

Click here to Join MyLot and Start Earning Now

1. Set some daily targets and stick at it until you've done it every day. For example, you might choose to start at least 12 discussions and/or write at least 50 responses to questions other people ask.

2. Divide your work up into chunks. Perhaps first answer 50 questions then start your discussions. Doing it this way you get quicker as you are just doing one thing at a time because you are focussed on doing that one thing.

3. Start open-ended discussions - those are postings/questions that encourage people to give proper answers. NEVER ask questions that can have a simple yes/no answer. The reason for this is because your discussions will be of a higher quality (there is more money for high quality discussions)

4. Reply to everyone that responds to your discussion topics. This keeps your discussion alive and increases your earnings.

5. Rate each reply you get to your questions by clicking on the and - buttons at the bottom of every reply, indicating that it was a good or a bad answer.

6. Use a lot of tags for every question or reply. If you always ask questions on one particular topic, you might write down the tags in a text document on your desktop so you can copy and paste them immediately after posting replies or discussion topics. Tags definitely increase your earnings and they make sure that your discussion is more widely read.

7. Post interesting pictures to discussions as well as in the interests section. You'll get paid for posting photos you post so it's good to put some effort into that.

8. Don't only reply in one topic. Spend more time on a wider variety of subjects. Some users have claimed that if they only post in one topic it reduces their rate of earnings.

9. Always maintain high quality posts. Your post partly depends on the and - rating next to it - other users will be rating your posts. Encourage your readers to give you a good rating.

10. Work with other MyLot fans - perhaps get your friends to sign up too (you get paid on their earnings too). Create a group of people determined to earn good money with MyLot and work together by posting in each other's discussions.

11. Complete the "My Interests" section. Start a discussion by clicking on one of the interest categories. This might lead to higher earnings and also more profile views/interaction.

12. Or, you could get a few friends together who all think alike and all use the same account - and agree to share the profits! Agree to all do the same amount of work and all stick to it! But you MUST be able to trust these people (close family/friends). Take turns to post different hours of the day.

13. Rather than emailing all your friends and getting them to join up, link them to one of your discussions and ask them to join. Once they see it, they are more likely to join on the spot!

Good luck with MyLot - it's got to be the easiest and quickest way to earn instant money online. It has a low payout limit (pays you after only $10/£5) and quickly by Paypal. You really are getting paid to make new friends!

Click here to Join MyLot and Start Earning Now

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