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Want to be in a pop video? in a magazine? on the big screen?

Now, I doubt there's many people that haven't wandered off into their own world and imagined themselves in a magazine, working as a model, or in a pop video, or even starring in a film.

But how many of us actually get round to following this up seriously? It's a lot of work finding out how to get started. It's just an idle dream ... isn't it?

So I was intrigued, followed by a 10 minute wander off to my own private stardom land ...., when I spotted something from the Casting Suite.

For many people the opportunity to work from home doesn't mean they are tied to the home and want to work in it. It can be the flexible lifestyle they are after. The ability to get their work-life balance right by picking and choosing the work they do - picking when and where, and IF, they work.

So - wanna be a star? Got the X Factor? Fancy yourself as the next Pan's People? Or maybe you have less grand ideas and know that behind the stars there are 1000s of jobs for every day people who want a touch of the glamour in their lives and the ability to work flexibly from home.

The sky's the limit!


Casting Companies

If you want to be in a pop video - then you need to contact casting companies.  Casting companies place film extras and people for pop videos.  We used to carry a list here of casting companies, but a lot are very unreliable, so we pulled the list - but you can find plenty online in big cities.  If you're not in a big city then to follow your dream and be in a pop video you'll just have to travel to grab your dream.... or contact local colleges to see if they have any amateur film makers looking for people, which will give you some experience while you're waiting for your ticket out of Smallsville!


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