Face Painting

Facepainting - It's Fun, It's Profitable!

Work as a Facepainter

Is your creative streak busting to get out? You can become a face painter.

Until a few years ago, face painting was the sort of thing you only saw at festivals or in hippy circles, but now it's gone mainstream and there is a lot of call for this service.

Offer your services as a birthday party entertainer or book a stall at local fetes and charity fundraising events.

Facepainters are even being booked now for events like weddings where children need to be entertained separately to the adults.... keep them quiet!

And the money is good.

Don't know how to do it but are keen to find out? Learn face painting today

This could be the start of a great new chapter in your life.

Happy job hunting!


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Learn To Facepaint

Face Painters Wanted - Everywhere

I never cease to be amazed at just how many people want to use a face painter - and can't find one!  I belong to a local opt-in list, just a couple of hundred people in my area that send out emails for things they want/can't find - and I'd say people looking for face painters is the most popular request on there - and it's very well paid work.

Why not grab yourself a book on facepainting, borrow somebody's kids - and have a go yourself!  Don t' forget to take some snaps and straight away you've got yourself a business.


Painting Baby Bumps

One emerging trade is to paint baby bumps - an increasing number of pregnant women want to have their bump painted, then photographed! There's cash to be made there!
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