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Dropshipping - What is Dropshipping? How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping - a super no risk way to work at home

Traditionally, if you wanted to sell products, you'd have to find a supplier, buy stock, pay for it and pay for it to be delivered to you. Then find somewhere to store it!

Not very convenient if you have no money and/or no storage space!

And what if you choose things nobody wants to buy? You're stuck with your products, no income, facing having to sell them at a loss - and if you thought you'd shift them quickly you might even be crawling over 20 boxes to get to your bed each night!

So, what's the answer? 


So, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping is fabulous. You work out what products you want to sell, then advertise the products where you like at whatever price you like - and find a supplier that will deliver them directly to your customer!

That's a good idea, except the supplier would need to be set up to do that or there could be all manner of problems.

That's where dropshippers come in. That is precisely what they do: they supply products direct to your customers without you ever having to see the product.

And the best bit?  You can buy single items - no minimum order is required.

Thus saving you all the worry of paying up front, probably buying FAR too much to get the bigger wholesale discounts, storing the goods, making sure you bought something that would sell!


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Dropshippers UK

A Dropshipping Business of Your Own

The way this company works is you just run feeds into your website from theirs. (If that means nothing, it's really quite easy to do and once it's set up it's zero maintenance AND you've learnt a neat trick in filling a website without effort)

Yes, it means you have to have a website, but they aren't hard to get these days (Note to self: I must write a page on getting your own website easily and cheaply soon!)

Get Your Dropship Business off to a Flying Start Now

Wholesale Dropship is large and reputable and they don't just work in the UK, they operate out of the US and Canada too, so you aren't dealing with some small company with a series of lockups!

There is no minimum order and there is a range of services, from a super affordable £9.99 start up, through to instant whole shops online.

Ideal for selling online through auction sites, selling from your own website, selling offline (select some items, print out a flyer/advert and order form and advertise locally or drop your flyer/order form in to businesses around your local area.

If you go down the whole shop set up for you route, you can add your own products if you wish - and remove any of theirs you don't want to sell. It wouldn't take you long to go through and delete the products you aren't interested in before setting about letting people know about your site, or selecting one or two items yourself to advertise specifically on ebay or other auction sites.

Check it out now, what this company offers might be just your ticket to a new life.



No Insurance, No Overheads, No Stock...

With dropshipping, you also make savings by not having to insure the goods and not having to transport them to the post office to post them off, nor the time to wrap them! Sounds great to me; the easier you can make any job the more you can focus on doing the important bit - making sales.

This is a super way to start your own business working from home, but still having all the control of it being your business.

You just need to advertise the goods at the price you choose, take payment, contact the dropshipper and pay for the goods at wholesale prices, they will then deliver direct.

You can find dropshippers by finding and contacting lots of suppliers of goods, or, you can simply get an instant directory of dropshippers. You could be in business and taking your first orders by this time tomorrow!

The first one of those don't only have dropshipping directories. They also have eight new UK directories:

 - UK Wholesalers - UK Wholesale Products - UK Special Offers - UK Wholesale Brands - UK Dropshippers - UK Dropship Products - UK Auctions - UK Carboot Sales - UK Fairs - UK Markets
 - UK Property Auctions

Something for everybody there!

Good luck with your new business working from home - with YOU in the driving seat and not somebody else! Enjoy being your own boss with no stock and no risk.



List of UK Dropshippers:

Alternatives and Further Resources

There are other ways to make money working from home online. Just think about what you want to sell, then find some suppliers at the best prices! Good luck!

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