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The Insider Info on Data Entry Jobs

Many people online are looking for ways to work at home, to earn money online and generally make money.

Data entry jobs are one of the first “jobs” you will see advertised when you start looking .... but beware, these adverts aren't what they appear to be. Read on to find out what the adverts mean and how YOU can work from home doing data entry jobs. Then - if you're still interested, you can either click on one of the adverts -OR- Grab yourself the free information at the bottom, where you can do it for yourself without paying anything .. b ut you DO have to put a lot more effort in if you do it without the help of a Data Entry Jobs website.

Originally, I had no intention of covering data entry jobs on my site, but I really feel I need to speak out about these and explain what it’s all about. Data entry jobs are often called a scam, that's because people are seeing the headline only and not reading/understanding what the whole advert is telling them. These are not scams, but the "Job" is really self-employment; the task isn't really Data Entry, but might be more accurately named Classified Advert Writing

Questions to ask yourself about any data entry jobs adverts:

  • Can anybody do this type of data entry work? Yes – but dim people really shouldn’t!
  • Do I need to be able to type? No – strange as this might seem, you don’t because the “jobs” are not about how many words you can type, but WHICH words you type!
  • So what do I have to do? At this point most adverts will tell you to pay them money and they will tell you.

Today, I am telling you all about Data Entry Jobs BEFORE you pay your money! How fair is that?

99% of the Data Entry Jobs you see advertised are simply “Advert Typist” jobs. You type adverts for products/services, if your advert results in a sale, you get paid.

You have to pay for the adverts yourself, but the rewards can be quite high – and you get to choose which products/services you want to type adverts for.

When you sign up to these data entry jobs websites, what you are paying for is help, support and the fact that they have pulled together all the resources and information you need to do this type of data entry work, so you can get started straight away under their guidance.

Let’s look at some examples. Load Google now and type RABBIT STEW RECIPES into the search box. Now look at the search results you get back. Over on the right are the adverts people (like you) will be typing.

How many are there? When I did this, I only got 2 adverts for rabbit stew recipes. See how closely they would have met your needs if you were searching for rabbit stew recipes. Of my two one was an advert for a supermarket and the other was completely irrelevant! It was for a search toolbar. Therefore, if you had found a book of rabbit pie recipes to promote, you've just found out that there's NO competition. It's noticing things like that which will be the difference between big bucks and nothing.... spotting when you have something you can advertise/promote for somebody else, where there's minimum competition.

Somebody chose that if I typed in RABBIT STEW RECIPES I would see that advert. While it is reasonable for Sainsburys to have chosen these keywords to trigger their advert, the guy selling the search toolbar was probably VERY over optimistic.

If I had clicked on either of those adverts (I didn’t as this action would mean they would pay a few pence for that click to Google) it is quite likely I might have ended up going to Sainsbury’s to buy the ingredients for my rabbit stew. It is very unlikely however that I would have wanted to download and install a search toolbar onto my PC …. I was looking for rabbit stew recipes!!

You can clearly see from this that choosing the wrong keywords means somebody has potentially wasted their advertising money. The data entry jobs you see advertised involve you picking the very best keywords that people will be typing in so your advert leads them to your product which will solve the problem they have. You don't have to own the product, there are literally thousands of companies who will let you promote their products and pay you (up to 75% of the price). So there IS money to be made from it if you put the work in, mostly that is worked out by research, which the data entry jobs websites tell you all about.

If you are a pet shop, do not think that people looking for RABBIT STEW RECIPES will suddenly develop an overwhelming desire to buy your “pet rabbits”.

And that is the basis of the Data Entry Job. There are hundreds/thousands of companies out there that will pay you if you generate a sale for them. You type good adverts, you choose the keywords that will trigger the adverts and you wait to see what happens. If you are getting too many clicks and not enough sales, you need to either improve your advert or change the keywords you use. When you are logged onto Google you get all the information you need to determine which adverts are working and which are not. You can even run two adverts side by side and see which one produces the best results.


Routes to Data Entry Jobs

  1. Below I have provided you with a link to a free book that tells you all you need to know about this great way to earn money working from home. And some links to where you will get instant access to the companies that have products/services for you to advertise.
  2. In addition to this, there are actually REAL Data Entry jobs ... which you will find right at the bottom of this page. With these you see one you can do and you click on the job advert and contact the advertiser direct to do their data entry work for them. It's called freelancing and doesn't cost you anything to join. Also, payment is guaranteed and quick.


Doing data entry work is a good way to earn money working from home if you go into this with your eyes open. You will be paying for the adverts, which will cost you usually from just 2p each time somebody clicks on them and you have all the figures available to you online to monitor exactly what’s happening and tweak your adverts/keywords on the fly if you want to. Once set up, you can set daily budgets and monthly budgets; you can even turn your adverts on/off very quickly too, or schedule them to only appear on certain times/days, or only in certain towns/areas/countries.


Actual/Real, Legit Data Entry Jobs

To start a Data Entry Job, check out the companies in the Freelance section on this site, or see the link taking you to the Data Entry Jobs DIY page



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