Data Entry Jobs - DIY - How To

Data Entry Jobs - Do It Yourself - Step-by-Step (and Free)

If you came here from the part 1 page, you will know what data entry jobs are all about. If you didn't, simply click the link above to check out the background that has brought readers here.

If you did read that page first, you're ready to quickly get started trying this out for yourself.

Using the information on this page and the free books links below you can find out and research everything you need, you can create your adverts and set your pricing. You can get everything ready to go - and only at that point do you actually have to pay for a thing. The point when you actually turn ON your advertising and start to (hopefully!) earn a good income from Google Adwords.

The Steps to creating your own Data Entry Jobs, without signing up with a help programme are given below.

At the end are all the resources you need. Everything here is FREE. So you can do this without investing first, although it might take you a bit longer, you might find a greater sense of achievement.

You do NOT need to get your own website to do this either.

Download the Essential Books

Before you start, download the resources below:

  • Keyword Finder Software
  • Google Adwords Made Easy Book

As an overview, what these books will show you is how to go through the process, which is essentially:

  1. Find products to promote by joining affiliate programs. The best way is to use the market leading companies. I use the ones listed below because they give me just one place to look for products/services to promote - and, more importantly, one place to check my income.
  2. Sign Up with Google Adwords. It will start to take you through creating your first advert, but you can make up anything as it won't start until you have entered your payment details. You can therefore sign up, create your adverts/campaigns, play around with different click bids and generally have a really good poke around, and only THEN. when you are ready, do you have to actually turn on your campaign and give it your card/payment details (£5 minimum). This could be in a few hours, days or even weeks!
  3. Pick your first product from clickbank. There are other companies, but for now you just need to look at one offering. You can always join others once you've got the system cracked and have a bit more time to investigate what else is out there that you can promote.
  4. Carry out keyword research for what you have chosen - check out the downloadable Keyword Research Guide below
  5. Key in your keywords and see who is already advertising under those keywords; who are your competitors and who are irrelevant.
  6. Check the costs of advertising for those keywords.
  7. Write your advert(s) and get started.

That's it. Once you're happy with the product you've chosen, your keywords, your adverts, the amount you would pay per click, then fill in the form.

 There is a term for this type of data entry work, it's actually called affiliate marketing - and there is a LOT of money to be made, if you get it right. 

The books below will really get you started fast in understanding what you're doing, why ... and how that means money for you!



Data Entry Jobs - Do It Yourself

If you're looking for data entry jobs working from home to earn money online, then you may be here because you decided to go it alone and work it out for yourself rather than paying to join a company that would provide you with tools and support.

The links below will give you everything you need to get started, but bear in mind I've provided this information for free and as much as I'd love to help you if you've got questions, the whole point of you being on this page is that you said you could work it out for yourself!

I don't have the time or the resources to be able to provide support. However - you shouldn't get stuck as the free google adwords book is truly excellent and really does teach you step by step everything you need to know about how to do this type of data entry work and make a living at it


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