Profiting from Pub Quizzes

Become a Quizmaster ... and Scoop Big Earnings

One growth area in recent times has been Pub Quizzes - with an increasing number of people happy to go out to their local pub to be entertained for the evening at an affordable rate - and this could be just the time to launch a new business as a quiz master.

Profiting From Pub Quizzes

You can make money working from home in the pub quiz industry. There are quite a few ways you could do this, perhaps this is just the thing for you!

Pub quizzes are always popular. Get a good pub quiz night going and everybody's happy. Well, you could be running pub quizzes for profits and fun!


1.  Supply Quiz Questions

You could supply the quiz questions to

  • pubs/clubs
  • fundraisers / charities

Simply find out their requirements, then send them a pack you've made up containing the questions, answers and answer sheets. But don't forget your own free advertising. You can put your name/phone number on each of these sheets - and when you've got a bit more money to splash out on advertising, you could even supply pencils with your name/number on.

To get your customers you can either rely on your network of friends, or perhaps make a list from the Yellow Pages and either visit them or call. Once you've got the ball rolling a little you can look into advertising in local publications. Then with a few well known customers behind you and a bit more confidence you can start approaching potential customers further away

Marketing Tip 1: provide them with some posters to put up to spread the word.

Marketing Tip 2: once you've got a bit of experience and confidence you could even approach breweries direct. This could be very lucrative as you only have to convince the brewery and booking their pubs becomes easy or automatically done for you


2.  Run the Quizzes Yourself

Yes, you could actually provide a full service, where you turn up at the venue and be Quizmaster for the night. This will make you more money and also enables you to network among the people there to gain further bookings or leads. If anybody says "That was a great quiz, wish they did it at my local/club" you could take their name and the details then give that venue a call telling them what you were told and offering to run a quiz for them.

Marketing Tip 3: You might like to offer to do the first 1-3 quizzes without charging for your time, to prove to your new customer that the quiz would be popular and would make them more money.


3. Earn Money Online Promoting Quizzes

Instead of actually doing any work, you could simply promote quiz questions from your own website. Get pubs/clubs etc to sign up to choose their own questions and buy online. You just pocket a commission on sales!


Where do the Questions Come From? Isn't It a Lot of Work finding Reliable Questions/Answers?

No. You can buy quiz questions from companies on the Internet these days. Some have very cheap questions - much more efficient and cheaper for you to buy quiz questions - and you don't have to spend hours researching the right answer! You will find these quiz question companies also offer loads of other ways to earn additional money, like promoting scratchcards.

So there you go. Pub quizzes are a great way to build your own business as well as being able to earn money working from home or even earning money online.

Think about it! This could even count as getting paid to socialise in pubs! And, don't forget, most entertainment in pubs usually get a couple of drinks and a spot of food, so what more do you need?


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