Affiliate Marketing Overview

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How You Can Earn Money Online From Home

Ever been somewhere fantastic, told your friends about it?

If your friends went, wouldn't it be great if you had been sent some hard cash because you recommended it?

Well, that's what affiliate marketing is all about. Simply acting as a sales agent for a company's products and recommending them to people. If somebody buys, you get a commission, so you are paid if a sale is made, not just for sending your friends to a particular site. This means that to be effective you need to think carefully about what you are promoting, so it really IS of interest to your customers/friends.

Affiliate marketing works online and offline. And to be honest, it has turned out to be a very lucrative marketplace, with many people making a good living from it.

If you have a website, it can make it easier to promote a dozen or more similar products.

If you have a blog, you can simply promote products that complement the subject you are blogging about!

If you have neither, then all is not lost as you don't NEED to have a website or blog at all to work this business for free, it's just harder work. But once you've given it a go and got a couple of sales, you'll probably want to get a website. Some affiliate programmes even give you a free website to send people to, which is great!

Affiliate marketing works from both sides of the fence: If you want to earn money, you can be an affiliate and promote products. If you have a product or your own website, you can use affiliates to drive business to your site.

The good news is that if you want to be an affiliate marketer, you can even train for free, or very cheaply. Yes, it's possible to spend a LOT of money on affiliate marketing training (I myself have been known to part with £1500 for a seminar etc), but it's not necessary - and my mantra is always that if you don't know what you're buying, or what it will do for you, then it's not right for you! So always save your pennies for the RIGHT products.

Get Google Adwords Made Easy

Get Google Adwords Made Easy - a Free Adwords Workbook

Many affiliates use Google Adwords to advertise the products they are recommending. This is especially true for the ones making hundreds or thousands of pounds per month, rather than those people who are just making £100-400/month.

This is online advertising in the Google search engine. It works on the basis of bidding for the position of your advert.

To make sure your advertising budget goes further and creates you more sales, download this free Google Adwords workbook:


Google Adwords Made Easy

This fabulous 85 page PDF workbook is well laid out and takes you step-by-step through Google Adwords, ensuring that you secure yourself the best adverts for the least cost.

If you don't read this, you might as well just throw your money down the drain.


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TrafficTravis Explanation

Essential Tools for Google Adwords and Promoting Products Online: Free

If you are planning on making a living from Google Adwords - and it can be a very lucrative living - then you'll need to arm yourself with the appropriate tools.

Traffic Travis is top free SEO software.   Use this to  ensure your webpage gets top Google rankings - if your webpage is getting top Google rankings then you will need to spend less on advertising. 

What most Google Adwords affiliates do is create a webpage, then advertise a product using Google Adwords, sending the traffic to THEIR page first, then they will offer their site visitor more information before sending them off to the advertiser's site - so if you can create a webpage about the product you are promoting, that gets high Google rankings, you're earning free money!  And this free software does that hard work for you.

Take your market research, search engine optimization and PPC campaigns to a whole new level with this suite of professional tools.

Traffic Travis gives you a godlike perspective over all aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns, so you can spot opportunities that others might miss!

Whether you're an experienced internet marketer or a complete newbie, put Traffic Travis to work and your campaigns will thank you!

And do you want to know the best part?

Traffic Travis is Free

Traffic Travis is now FREE, click here to get it!


So no excuses!!

6th Pillar

Be a Market Success with Sitesell!

You want to be a success in your chosen marketplace, so you need to take just 10 minutes out to read about Affiliate Marketing from the most well-known, respected and solid companies on the Internet, then check out this:

I first came across this company over 10 years ago - and they are still going from strength to strength, enabling many of the major money earners on the Internet to get their message and products out there!

Sitesell takes you step by step through the entire process of building yourself a website which will make you money. You get all the tools you need, to build pages with no technical knowledge, to brainstorm ideas to work out the most profitable, to research and identify your best keywords.  It really is a complete beginners' method. But having said that, the people building their websites range from beginners through to real experts. It means you concentrate on the subject YOU are interested in and not the technical side of owning and running a website.

Sitesell is a real winner if you just want to crack on and build the best website you possibly could with the minimum of fuss, while building it so it makes you money.

If you're going to take earning money online seriously today, then pick this one.

1st Promotion

Create a Single Website/Portal and promote all your affiliate products from one place

If you want to earn money online, there are a 1000 ways to do it.

Just like if you wanted to be a shopkeeper, you could start out with a small stall on the market and build up to a popular shop on the High Street, before opening branches all over the country, or you could simply work in retail until you became Manager of your own store. You could even buy a franchise - every Subway shop is a franchise so each owner bought their way into the Subway name so they could run their own business.

So, there is no right or wrong way to earn money online. Indeed, you will find your own way of doing things once you get started, but getting started doing something is the first step. You'll never stop learning new ways to get better at what you do, but that's another story!

Yes, there are 1000 ways to make money using the Internet - and many of them will be right for you.

Personally, for a long term income, I feel my answer is to build my own website. I also believe that by the time I have built a website that earns me a full-time income I will go through 2-3 various incarnations of that, building up slowly by reinvesting my profits in the next rung up the ladder of success!

Here's a great way to create your own website if you have virtually no time and you want to leap frog over the early days hard work. I've put the hard work in, I started my website 3 months ago - and if I'd known then what I know now (and where my earnings would actually come from), I'd have started with something like this from day 1.

How Does it Work?

There are many ways to be an affiliate. Increasingly, the affiliate support and training is much better as advertisers are becoming switched on to the idea that people are keen to be an affiliate, but really need help, so it's easy for them.

The process is:

  1. You find a product you want to promote
  2. You sign up with the company as an affiliate, approval might be instant or they might want to approve your website first (if you don't have one then a lot will turn you down until you have.
  3. You get your special referral link
  4. You place that link on your website or blog, or even in classified ads online - and if somebody buys the product then you get paid, usually by Paypal
Of course, there's more to it than that, but that's the outline.

Ad Networks

Some companies run their own affiliate programme, you're paid by them. Others will run through ad networks. An ad network is simply a middle man between companies and affiliates. With one simple signup to the ad network, you can then go through their lists of products to promote and pick the ones you want. The advantage of an ad network is that they pool together all the affiliate payments from all the products you're promoting, so you reach the payout threshold quicker.

Generally ad networks are better to deal with that directly being an affiliate as you have one signup and instant access to hundreds of products to promote - they also give you good reporting tools, so you can see at a glance what is doing well.

Personally, I belong to a bunch of ad networks -AND- I am a direct affiliate of companies too. What works best for you is something you will work out in time.

Pre-Built Sites

If you know you want a website and some help, then it is possible to buy into a ready made site, all set up for you. One such method is with this that will get you your own website up and running and making you money quickly: Yes, show me a quick and easy way

Good luck if you go down that route. I know if you do and if you put in a bunch of hours at the start, you'll very quickly see results!

7 Simple Ways to Earn Money From Your Website or Blog

7 Simple Ways to Make Money From Your Website or Blog

If you're keen to get started as an affiliate, but have no money to spare right now, but want to start earning money to pay for more tools and things, then you don't have to.


Here is a system you don't ever have to pay for.  A chance for you to learn all about affiliate marketing - then, once you are making money, you can choose whether to upgrade for more features.  The free version of this great software gives you a massive head start and doesn't cost you a penny.  You learn, you try, you practise - and you'll be learning how to make money and given all the tools you need.

To get started as an affiliate use this great free tool that brings together

  • a website
  • training
  • a systematic way to make money online
  • ... and more:

   Ska Doogle

Thousands of people are making small and large amounts of money every day as an affilite - so you shouldn't let this free opportunity pass you buy.

This is a great example of how a lot of people make money online and can certainly be a launchpad for you to learn everything you need to know, as well as having everything you need for free. These are skills nobody can take from you! Experience affiliate marketing for yourself today.

Earn Money Online, Legit, Zero Cost

See Google Adsense

Also Check out Google Adsense

Many companies don't create and run affiliate systems. So you have no chance of promoting products that your website visitors will be interested in. And, to be honest, if they did, it would be unmanageable - imagine having to log into 500 websites a day to check if you've earnt any money ... and in the early days finding out you've made 50p from just 8 of them!

Your day would be gone before you started ... and you'd be so disheartened you'd probably give up.

Most companies these days advertise through search engines. Google's advertising is called Google Adwords. But if you run a website, then you can be on the other side of this - as a publisher - and you get to display adverts on your site by simply copying in a piece of code onto your page(s).

So, anybody doing affiliate marketing needs to look at Google Adsense - treat them like one central affiliate management site. You can block adverts of your competitors from showing, the stats are real time and the better written your webpages are, the more you should earn.



List of Good Affiliate Programmes

As an affiliate, promoting products through your website, you will need to join some affiliate networks.  These are 100% entirely free to join.  Once you've logged  in, you simply choose the programmes you want to promote on your website or blog and grab yourself the adverts, banners, links, etc. 

Affiliate networks will provide affiliates with all manner of affiliate tools, always free of charge because you are promoting these products.  Some even provide entire shop feeds so you can instantly create a shop on your website.  To check out some of the top affiliate networks look at:

List of Ad Networks for Affiliates to Join and Earn Money, including Affiliate Window, Affiliate Future, ROI Rocket, Max Bounty, Chitika Premium, PayDotCom, Linkshare, Never Blue, Clix Galore, Paid on Results, Commission Junction.

When you join affiliate programmes and ad networks, you'll find each one has different types of clients and you will want to be able to quickly pick and choose products to promote from several of them.  However, when you sign up, a lot of them aren't instant access.  Most will want to check your website before you are accepted, this is to ensure that your website isn't racist or promoting violence or porn; some ad networks will only accept affiliates who have a certain number of website visitors/month, or are in certain countries. 

Join as many ad networks as you can now.  What I find works for me is to join all ad networks straight away, then it means when I want to find a new product to promote I'm already a member of a lot of them so it means I have no delays in logging in.

Ad networks and affiliate networks are free to join because you are promoting their products.  I prefer joining ad networks because they bring together 100s and 1000s of products to ptomote, all from one easy interface, they pay out regularly and are reliable.  Trying to promote individual products, directly from the provider, is  really time-consuming and usually not worth the effort.  Ad networks/affiliate networks are definitely the time-conscious and easy way to do things.


More Affiliate Resources

  • Affiliate Resources, latest collection of great affiliate tools, courses, magazines and newsletters.
  • Best Ad Networks for Affiliates, work with the best ad networks, be guaranteed to be paid, turn the best offers into cash for you.
  • Website Industry Magazine, for affiliates or small business owners. Choose to receive the free digital version, or opt for the physical magazine to be mailed to you 6x a year. Industry news, reviews and what's happening.
  • Free Wordpress Tutorials. Learn all about setting up and using Wordpress. These free courses show you everything you need to know. Learn a new skill today - a 21st century skill that can help you in your new career.

The Key to Affiliate Marketing Success is ....

New skills ...

You will encounter new words, new concepts - and have to pick up new skills along the way. Everything you learn takes you one step closer to making all that lovely money.

The more you learn (and put into practice!) the better you'll get. This is where affiliate marketing training comes into its own. If you can make a list of everything you need to know, then (with a lot of time) you can find resources for free online. However, this approach can leave you a little confused because you'll be picking up bits and pieces without context. It's free, but very long-winded. If you've got a little cash to spare, then you can really start your affiliate marketing career off with a bang, by following a recognised affiliate marketing training course, written and delivered by a company who know what they're talking about. Adult education is very pricey these days - and compared to, say, a night school in basket-weaving, I find affiliate marketing training very affordable - and it literally pays for itself as your knowledge grows through a programme of steps that are delivered to ensure your success. Proper/formal affiliate marketing training is worthwhile looking into. But, if you've more time than cash on your hands, then there are free affiliate training courses too here: Free Courses

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